New Idea: Killstreaks!

  • Realistic rewards for killin’ more people without dying.

    Archer: 7 kills without death, you get Flamming Arrows
    -all crossbows’ and bows’ arrows get this bonus
    -adds up to 3 seconds of burn damage (just like getting hit by a oil pot)
    17 kills without death, you can use Persan Stormcloud
    -an animation makes your character lift his hand for a signal and then from somewhere outside the map a big wave of arrows (alot of arrows, really) strike a big portion of the map killing every enemy caught without cover
    -can be used once, then requires another 17 kills)

    Man-at-Arms: 10 kills without death, you get Speed Demon
    -character walks an sprints twice as fast
    -the weapons’ speed is not influenced in any way
    20 kills without death, you get Authority
    -an animation makes your character call somebody, and from somewhere within the map another MaA comes and will assist you, follow you everywhere until he dies
    -controlled by the computer
    *the computer controlled bot is just as weak as in a custom off-line created match, but numbers do count alot in Chivalry no matter what
    *they stack (if you make another 10 kills without dying [30 in total] you get a 2nd bot, and then at 40 a 3rd, and so on)

    Vanguard: 8 kills without death, you get Raging Rampage
    -your stamina depletes 2 times slower, and your regen is 50% faster
    -makes stamina no longer a problem
    20 kills without death, you get Blessing of Achilles
    -any weapon you have will get a +15% speed bonus without any other consequences

    Knight: 12 kills without dying, you get Holy Might
    -any weapon you have will get a +15% damage bouns without any other consequences
    24 kills without death, you get Empire’s Revenge
    -an animation will make you character yell, and from somewhere from the map a stampede of
    knights riding horses will rush through the map, killing every single enemy

    *all of the killstreaks showed above will be active as long as you don’t die

    I am well aware that these will only be possible on some maps, as you can’t summon a stampede of angry knights out of nowhere in Arena :D
    Any other suggestions are welcome, feel free to comment!

  • No. I write this sentence because i need 10 caracters.

  • I just died a little inside.

  • I hope this is not a serious post?

  • Lost it at “flaming arrows” already.

  • I like this idea.
    I’d also like to have a hardcore mode where everything oneshots, no crosshairs, no third person and so on.

  • I only like this idea for the Horde maps.
    You know, get a combo killing and gain a little more gold.

    But for vanilla Chivalry? Nah.

  • I don’t even…

  • all this has been gone over and brought up already, your wasting your time here.

    if its not a nerf or something dumb weak or slow these kids don’t want it.

  • @Bardaf:

    No. I write this sentence because i need 10 c[h]aracters.

    You’re doing it wrong.


  • @TheUndying:

    I don’t even…



  • Here’s why you shouldn’t do this: MLG will not even consider a game that has mechanics like this, and I expect us to be MLG one day. Professional circuits will look the other way and we won’t grow whatsoever.

  • @Terminally:

    You’re doing it wrong.


    Sorry, i am not a native english speaker. But it isn’t an important error because you still understand.

  • I wanna a dildosword for 69 kills without dying.

  • wohohoo :DDD

    “Archer: 7 kills without death, you get Flamming Arrows”

    this pls to Officail content !!!
    yes YES YES!!!

    others seems really full of fun but it’s pretty much fantasy
    but if someone could make a custom Mod exactly like SirFranz describes

    I think it would be one of my favourites :)

  • We need Pavelows aswell. Best idea - 11/10.

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