The polehammer…

  • So I was just playing with the polehammer, and noticed that kills are not even saved in polearms stats…
    How’s that even possible ?

    Come on guys, this weapon had been released in january 2013, and there’s not even the reach in weapon selection menu !

    A word to the wise…

  • Same for sling, flail and quarterstaff.

  • If you check global weapon xp its actually stored in its own unique sector, so I dunno whats up with that, I would imagine the fact that its its own teir weapon.

  • Oh I know, it counts in global xp, for sure.
    It’s just that the polehammer is not considered as a polearm, or any other type for that matter.
    Same with sling, flail and quaterstaff.

    I already think it’s regrettable they never implemented a real kill count system (and stats in general) like the great one in Age of Chivalry, but to see that the present shitty system doesn’t even work properly…

    EDIT : Well, after verification, they added 4 lines I never saw for those 4 weapons ! My bad.

  • Global Moderator

    The quarterstaff, flail and sling don’t fit in any other weapon type. So they got their own. The Polehammer is a pole weapon but its a blunt polearm. So again fits into its own weapon type.

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