[LTS] Repicking class/loadout not respected in new rounds

    1. Join a LTS server with AOCLTS-Moor_p (for example)
    2. Pick a team and a class
    3. When a team loses the round, you have a few seconds until the next round begins.
    4. Pick a new class/loadout during that period.
    5. Wait until the round starts for real and your character spawns.
    6. Notice that your class/loadout is not the same as the one you picked before.


    • The randomly picked (and therefore wrong) loadout is usually the first tier weapons. I mean, you always get the Archer’s Longbow, the Knight’s Double axe, plus secondaries.

    • I think this happens in all maps that don’t have some seconds for repicking the class/loadout at the beginning of the round (Moor, Throneroom, etc). What I mean is that this would not happen in LTS Arena.

    • The bug has a high repro rate, but it’s strangely random. It seems to happen more frequently when you wait at the last seconds of the period described in point 3.

    I could make a video if you want.

  • Can confirm. Pretty please fix.

  • This happens MANY times with archer in official duel servers I noticed, I thought it was fixed back in June but it seems to be back since last time i checked…

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