Persistent RPG mod (leveling up, buying and upgrading armor and weapons, etc.)

  • General idea:
    To have a mod with persistent-like features of online RPG’s

    Most of the people in here have heard or even played Mount & Blade: Warband.Some of those might have heard about the two persistent RPG mods for it: cRPG and Mercenaries. Unmodded Warband is much similar to Chivalry - two teams duke it out with swords, axes and what not.

    However, the two mods I mentioned work on a much different principal from vanilla Warband. They are different between themselves but the general idea is similar: Build your own character and equip it with weapons and pieces of armor of your liking (head, torso, legs, hands).

    Since I am cRPG player, I will list some of it’s features:

    • Trough web UI you can manage your characters, equipment and more
    • By earning experience (XP) you level up your character and assign different attributes (agility, strength, proficiency in weapons, etc.) so you can make a character of your preference.
    • By earning gold you can buy stuff like weapons, armor, arrows, etc.
    • You can upgrade items
    • You can trade items on market
    • and more….

    Do you think it would be possible to make a similar mod for Chivalry? Customization is already there…

    The mods I mentioned before work by having a database connected to a website trough which you manage your character attributes and equip stuff as well as buy it. This is then loaded into the game once you join the server.

    I am not sure if this is doable for Chivalry, but I think it is something many people would be interested in.

  • I would love to see a Persistent World mod for Chivalry, where players can build bases etc. Combined with cRPG maybe.

  • I’ve thought about this and it would be realy cool but I don’t think we have the same dedicated players/modders like we do have in Warband.

    It realy is alot of work to setup up and maintain such a project but I would nontheless support it if there were enough competent people involved.

    Another issues is the lack of custom models in which you can fancy yourself into. There is only one custom weapon model I know of, besides that nobody, to my knowledge, has tried to create custom models. However “Crushed’s Weapons Mod” does provide some good alternatives.

    I also think Chivalry doesn’t make use of a modular system besides the weapons and helmets AFAIK.

    The battles would have to be on a much smaller scale though. I would say max 40ish players but even thats enough for sieges and last team standing modes.

    Again its alot of work and you’d need an experienced programmer to make it anything like cRPG but its still possible.

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