[WIP] Fortification Contest Level - Blackspire - ALPHA on Steam Workshop

  • Hi all. It’s a shame I didn’t notice the Fortification Contest earlier due to the fact, that I was away from my home. In any case, I hope I will still be able to participate in round two.

    BLACKSPIRE (team objective, deathmatch, etc…)

    Chivalry Workshop Link

    I wanted to create something different from the usual maps, so I thought of an idea about map with towers. The rough concept is the following (see the attachments).

    Welcome to BlackSpire alpha! Cripple the enemy by destroying their supplies and statues, capture the Wall and kill lord BlackSpire!
    This is still an alpha build so I am waiting for feedback from you lords and ladies to tell me what can be altered, added and etc.
    Currently this map supports “team objective” but I have “deathmatch” and “team deathmatch” on the way.


    Destroy the Statue of the Old Knight**

    To lower the morale of the enemy, you have to destroy the Statue of the Old Knight in the middle of the BlackSpire bridge.

    Destroy the Enemy Supply Barrels

    There are a bunch of supply barrels in the unfinished tower. Find them all and dispose of them! But it won’t be easy – the tower is equipped with ballista and boiling oil cauldrons!

    Capture the Wall

    There is a signal fire on top of the massive BlackSpire wall. Capture the wall and let your comrades know by lighting a signal fire.

    Defeat Lord BlackSpire

    The lord of the Towers hides on the top of the wall. Find him and assassinate him.

  • Can’t wait to see actual footage of that! Gonna keep an eye on it. ;)

  • Thanks, I will put it soon, hopefully. Oh and btw if you guys have ideas about cool objectives or smth you wanted to implement in other maps - post here.

  • I like the unique style for your level. It will make for beautiful visuals.
    Hopefully you make it playable too though. Some people focus too much on how the map looks, and not how it plays.

    As for objectives, perhaps a “rebuild the bridge” objective where you have to go capture materials from somewhere and bring them back to the broken bridge to rebuild it. Maybe you have to do this 2 or 3 times. I wanted something like that in my map but it just didn’t fit.

  • Thanks for the ideas! I’ll try to implement the bridge rebuild if I have enough time.

    Here is a current progress of the map. It is going slower, than expected.

  • Hey hey hey, new sreenshots above, now doing the scripting part.

  • Alpha version is rdy for download

    Click here

  • wooow

    look very original and nice

    keep up with hard work :-)

  • Thanks, I’ll need some feedback though, so I can fix all mistakes, I’m pretty sure there will be some.

  • Lighting looks pretty neat.

    A different look for sure and I’ll be trying it out later on.

    Also, does the death match you mentioned mean FFA (Free for all) or ?

  • Yeah, FFA is ready, team deathmatch is rdy as well. I just need to see if map works properly so I can bake out lighting and make changes straight away.

    Thanks for the post, it also has dynamic lighting in the sky.

  • Hello, everyone!

    I made a short video of the map and included it in my showreel.

    It’s first half a minute or so, u can watch on youtube.

  • Looks unique, different take on the art. I like it.

    Looks a bit dark though and don’t know if the most important part of the map will work out, the gameplay that ties in with the map layout.

    Good luck, I always appreciate unique looking maps.

  • Thank u so much for the comments )

  • Hey guys! I made a beta + now it supports Team Deathmatch and Free For All.

    • Lot’s of things are fixed, check the steam workshop for more details.

  • Okay, final version is uploaded, thanks everyone for comments!

  • Map: BlackSpire

    Visual: unique but for the most part but distracting and buggy.

    (weird black boxes followed players around+ green and blue light colors)

    Purple walls

    Balance [Offense]:

    Map got switched before game ended. Offense side started really far away from the first objective, requiring a run time of ~2min. Archers could shoot at offense spawn on the first 2 objectives.

    Bug: Can get out of the map.


    Opinion: Needs a ton of work.

  • I tested the map, objectives work fine. Spawn points work fine.

    Bug: a little bit more explanation would be nice. Cuz it worked fine for me.

  • a few things, it would be nice to see the water flow towards the waterfall, its a bit dark and there seems to be lighting issues, I have also played the map twice now and both times the king doesn’t spawn it says kill the king but agatha just wins immediately.

    I would highly suggest changing the staircase as well it takes far too long to get back up to the top if you get killed also archers can shoot mason spawn which is not good some archer cover would be a nice addition or have them no way to shoot straight down?


    map looks cool overall so the environment has nice feel to it.

    The first and 2nd objectives go by REALLY fast, you can definitely miss it if you’re not quick. May be too easy or something but they went by very quickly.

    THe caputre and hold objectives (3rd and 4th) have a really long run to get to them, and the timing may be off a bit for them because even if you get to the signal fire quickly, then the agathians have to defend and there’s hardly or no time added to the clock for this. The signal fire burns quickly which seems to compensate a bit, but i don’t think enough since mason will camp up there and agatha has SUCH a long run to get up there. I think when we played they only had just over 3 minutes to climb the hill, take out whoever is nearby while lighting the fire and burning it down. Seems a little off balance wise.

    The final objective with the king we just noticed some weird dark shadow that follows players around, it’s a pretty large black shadow. Other than that i THINK the objective worked… our king died somehow but i didn’t see it. Pretty interesting though.

    I think the map overall is good, looks cool and has decent objectives… the timing on them could be altered a bit for balanced but overall everything seemed to work, we noticed some stuck spots here and there, and you can definitely walk through walls even so to get out of the map. It needs work but it’s a good start, i’d say its a bit off from a complete map, still feels beta in comparison to some of the more polished maps.

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