Gripe thread (git gud)

  • I love Chivalry, but at the same time it’s one of the few games that makes me rage as hard as Peruvians in Dota 2.

    I’ll break it down into a few categories.

    Gameplay/Mechanical Issues:

    Dragging: I personally hate whoever thought of this. Coming from the mindset of someone who plays very good hack n’ slash PvP like Dark Souls, dragging takes away more depth than it adds. Delaying swings is one thing, but when you can swing, miss, but spin your mouse fast enough to clip someone and score full damage as if you hit them directly it’s a major issue. Goes double for wildly crouching and looking around. If you wanted to add depth, you’d have been better off adding in ‘sweet spot’ locational damage during the swing. IE: You only get full damage on contact with a section of the weapon during the point of the swing where the most energy is being transferred to the weapon. For Mauls, it would be in the middle of the overhead, or for a Greatsword, within the 60 degree arc in front of the player. Missed and glancing hits would do reduced damage. I sincerely feel that the game would be better if you were to lock the mouse on a swing.

    Hitboxes/Weapon Range: Deceptively long/short weapons that don’t match their models really annoy me. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve swung my weapon, watched it pass through the person, and only received an overhead killing blow for my attempt thanks to either horrible hit detection or just plain bad luck. Which is something else that bugs me;

    Luck > Skill: I refuse to accept that this game rewards people who use the tactic of spinning the mouse while crouching and looking down. It’s not at all a measure of skill to spam a Zweihander in this ridiculous way that not only racks up kills, it’s impossible to parry and you can do nothing to counter it aside from turtle behind a shield. All because of the issue previously mentioned with hitboxes and dragging.

    Headshots do not kill people: A major pet peeve of mine is putting an arrow through another player’s eye/nose/face with no helmet protection and only watching their helmet plink off. Defying all logic and reason especially when the specific counter arrows (Bodkin/Broadhead) are used vs. that player, and still it’s not enough to kill them with a headshot.

    Weapon/Class Balance:

    Vanguards: The baseline scrub class that runs rampant spamming LMB and the most notorious team killer class in the game (baring the random spam Archer). Zweihanders are ubiquitously overpowered with ridiculous reach, recovery time, parry speed, and attack/combo speed. And they will kill any MAA or Archer instantly off even a grazing slash or overhead. Brandistocks are right up there with insane reach, damage, and typing that counters all class armor with no negative repercussions.

    Knights: The Bearded Axe (though awesome and one of my favorite real world weapons) is pretty much a faster Maul. And the Maul will one shot anyone with an overhead, or at least I always get murdered by a single overhead hitting my foot while my Maul hits pulverize a chest or head, and they limp away (go inconsistent damage!). The Messer’s is pretty much Falchion 2.0 and is one of the most overpowered swords in the game thanks to the swing speed, and the damage being enough to one shot light classes.

    Archers: Siege Crossbow and War Bow. The damage on these two weapons is disgusting, and the worst part is how often Archers will just be the crappy ones shooting arrows and bolts randomly into a melee and hoping they get lucky.

    Man-At-Arms: Seeing as his primaries are all secondaries he has no real issues with balance, aside from the hitbox bug still being a freaking nightmare while playing him.

    Notice: I complain about things and I feel are genuinely dysfunctional, and I refuse to use anything I ever find to be overpowered. That is to say I don’t cheapen victory by resorting to scrub tactics. I pride myself on killing players who can’t do anything without their precious Zweihanders. Yes, I play MAA as my main class. No, that is not the reason why I don’t find anything wrong with their kits.

    So go ahead and debunk or try to convince me otherwise on my points. Half the time my in-game rage is dismissed as “listen to the level 20 bitch lol”. I’d be a lot higher level with a lot more achievements if Torn Banner bothered to fix their game when I still played it a lot. Really appreciate that stat bug guys.

  • this game literally has no luck element

  • @Iratus412:

    I sincerely feel that the game would be better if you were to lock the mouse on a swing.

    Holy shit. No. Just no. No no no. I refuse to read the rest of your wall of text after this gem.

  • Yes, I play MAA as my main class. No, that is not the reason why I don’t find anything wrong with their kits.

    lolololol, you should have no problem vs dragging with Maa, it’s pretty much the point of the class lol, don’t block and dodge, the zwei is strong vs maa but you would still easy win vs 99% of players if you were good, you’re probably a guy with like 50/100h ingame, pretty normal to whine about those stuff, my advice would be git gud.

    Also tbs should make tutorial video on the frontpage of the game about mechanism like dragging, feinting, how to counter it etc, you wouldn’t have so much whine on the forums and the player base would be bigger lel. (tutorial made by good players not steve piggott)


    this game literally has no luck element


  • @JimmyTryhard:


    its not real RNG, theoretically you could read every feint when you play absolutely perfect, thus its no luck element

    luck element is something like dota 2 rune spawn

  • Go back to Steam forums.

  • Honestly though, you should really take the time to accept the mechanics of the game or continue failing… dragging is not overpowered, it is perfectly blockable, it takes practice. I hate people who try to spread their opnions on a topic when they don’t know anything at all about it. Dragging is extremely important to learn to use and deal with. It adds insurmountable amounts of depth compared to any other mechanic in the game. Stop behaving like it’s a taboo and cheap tactic, because it’s the main reason you are doing badly. Dragging is literally one of the biggest parts of this game. There is no chance/luck about drags. Learn the mechanic.

    As a player with 1600+ hours and an active participant in the competitive scene, I have become accustomed to dragging literally every swing. Every single time I attack, I instinctively move my mouse in such a way that it is hard for enemies to block me. Learning what works for you is a key part of reaching high skill in this game, so experiment with everything.

    As for ranges/hitboxes: You are simply making mistakes. Accept that. Don’t blame the game. Learn the range of your weapon, have good depth perception, stop drinking alcohol while playing chivalry and you won’t have problems. There are very few occasions where swings will “go through the enemy.”

    Skill > Luck. Almost every time. The only thing that would skew this would be feinting, which at the moment, is unreadable and unreactable. This is literally the only thing that can cause luck to have a greater effect than skill. But even feints can be worked around and the more skilled player typically does win. Remember- It’s easy to kill everyone. It’s not easy to beat everyone. Whenever you die, assess why you died. Improve on your mistakes.

    Anyways, the point is, git gud level 20 scrub. Trust me, you’re probably just making mistakes, it’s not the game’s fault most of the time.

  • lol zwei op.

  • Dragging: I personally hate whoever thought of this.

    I personally think you’re retarded. That’s like saying you hate strafe shooting in CS:GO, or you hate explosive jumping in TF2. Such basic mechanics that literally everyone knows how to use but take a long time to master and add incredible depth to the game.

  • ^lol “explosive jumping”, its called rocketjump nadejump and stickyjump you scrublord, git gud

  • Detonation leaping.

  • Combustion pouncing.

  • Blast capering.

  • Hey OP stop playing on laggy ass servers, play on servers where you have less than 60 ping duhh.

  • I prefer “explosive device assisted rapid elevation” myself.

  • EDARE, for short.

  • Stopped reading after claiming the Zwei was OP and had fair recovery time.

    Lol just no.


    ^lol “explosive jumping”, its called rocketjump nadejump and stickyjump you scrublord, git gud

    I said explosive to entail all of those so I wouldn’t have to say each one. Good lord shitpost more please.

  • @Flippy:

    I said explosive to entail all of those so I wouldn’t have to say each one. Good lord shitpost more please.

    Shitpost? Your like the biggest elitist, so use the terms right, Scrub.

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