[WIP] Fortification Map Contest: The DownSide of the HighHills

  • Hello, interwebbers…

    Thought i would enter the competition as well. I’ve been working a little bit on a level. But Im still learning all the functions. Like the landscape tool etc.
    I have not added any kismet to the level yet. I do not know so much of how to put it on steam or if i need to cook it etc. Guess i can get some help here.

    (excuse me for my English… I am also a bad speller… so bare with me )

    Any way’s, the idea of my level is basically that the attackers will run downhill, towards one big gate.ok. Behind this big gate there will be a city (close quarters). That the attackers need to take back (capturing zones). The City will be divided into three different parts. The Docks, The Market and The execution square…

    The first part of the map is a downhill section. Because I thought that I wanted the first part to be a fast phased one. So the attackers will rush down the hills, burning up objects ( which pushes the attackers spawn to that place ) This will make the attackers have some sort of tactical choice. Because the Attackers can choose which way to push for. Left, Right or straight forward. The defenders will be on higher grounds. So it will have a little bit of bunker feeling. well open tunnels, maybe.

    I’m still in progress when it comes down to destroying the gate. I do have a catapult that will due. But I’m also considering the attackers to be able to burn it up. As they burn everything else on the way down to the gate.

    So the Team objectives be.

    1. Burn objects, to push forward.
    2. Destroy Gate , with a catapult or brute force
    3. Take back the city, three Capture Zones


    1. Extinguish objects, keep the attackers from pushing further down
    2. Defend the gate , do not let the attackers breach the gate.
    3. Don’t let the attackers take back the city, The city belongs to us now.

    I do have some brainstorm scribbles and some ugly sketches… I don’t know if i want to put them up but i might do it. Maybe i have to make them more understandable. It might be weird to read them i don’t really know.

    But i will put up one spawn sketch and some print screens meanwhile.

    I will update as much as possible. Thank you!

    Workshop link:

  • Ohh, seems like the text went bold on me :p. I am also wondering if its possible to make new materials. Should i just make a new package and add it somehow to the game. I ask because i dont want it to be local only.

  • I like the look of the first section. Lots of different pathways in a mountainous area. Very cool.

    I am not sure about the materials. I messed around with them for a bit but they gave me trouble so I just reused one they already had.

  • FartTender. Thank you for replying. I did my shared bit of experimenting with the materials for now.
    So i made a new landsvape material and you are able to have 12 texture samples in it. So i will continue to work with that. I don’t know if I got the time to start making all new textures for this map. But if I do have the time I will definitely try.


    So I’ve been busy with the landscape tool, trying to get the scene right from all the different angels. Learning about the materials and how to paint with it. I did also try to learn some more about the lighting and fog settings. This was because the scene where to light and made the spec on certain materials go way to white. So i had to look into that. Which is troublesome because the screen i work with is broken… It has a bluetint all over it… I will be able to have it fixed 25 of june… So i got an earlier deadline for this :)

    I did also look into the kismet part of the map. I started to implement the burnables. I figured out how things needed to be done. Pushing spawns forward and such. I Think i understand the kismet part of using huds and controlling the objectives. I have made a HUD system for the burnables that i will use in this level. Using the logics of the pushable hud, this is because the players will be able to choose more how they will push forward. So it can turn on and off and has a progressbar for burning and extingushing. This is because i didnt find out how to turn the originals on and off. (Remind me to put up exampels if i forget and if you are intrested)

    So the plan for now is to add the first objective, The burnables. Then add the breach gate objective. I always work on the scene itself. But i have my focus on kismet for know. So that I can get the gameplay flowing.

    I will add a print screen for now and maybe some more later today. Depending on the time I have…

  • I love it already. The distance in your pictures capture the grand scale of the environment. Looks really interesting so far.

  • So, today I put some time into the kismet part of the level…
    So I started with the burnable part. And cleaned it up and i kept laying down notes on what part made what. I think I made things work as i want… so far. There’s some minor troubles with it. Still have to put some more time into it. But it works smooth for now. So I will try out some more things so that it won’t be able to start some events before they should be…

    I also had some new cool ideas that i will try out. I will tell if they workout. I will also put up some more print screens… On kismet and on the landscape, The meshes are only placed to give me the feeling. There’s still allot to do. puh!

    I also will try to take some more time to write here.

    some kismet prints…


  • Hello hey,

    Some more Kismet work had to be done. So I’ve been working on the spawning part of the level. I’ve set up the burnables with the spawning for the attackers. And i tried to keep it nice and understandable in my kismet. So that when I’m going to add more spawn spots to these places it will go smooth. (I do have some ideas for the spawns ( also thinking 4*4 ) )
    I did also make a point system for the burnables(spawn changers). The points will be calculated when the gate is broken. I will get more in to this later. If you have questions please ask. I am kinda new to writing on forums.

    I did add a new objective as well. A pushable objective. The catapult… Figuring out how it worked with volumes and that. So I wanted to move the catapult to the otherside… Got it working and all. But then i realized that there where no animations on the catapult wheels… So it looked kind of awkward moving it. So I’m going to change the catapult into an ammo thing instead.

    So i feel that i have a little more overview of what i can do. So i will continue on with the kismet part to get some more gameplay into the level.

    My main goals for now.

    1. Change the catapult to something else.
    2. Destroy the gate

    Make the gate part.

    *Defenders spawn placements( I wait with this because it’s hard to playtest when theres bots everywhere)
    *Connect the point system to the gate break.

    This is an fast overview sketch. For the spawns and burnables. It will probably change some.
    (the sketch is mainly for my head)

  • So update time. I’ve been busy with alot of things. But i haven’t forgot about the competition… Even if there’s been I while since i’ve’ been active here. And that’s to bad. But I’ve been a little bit swamped. Anyways, i made some progress with the level. Kismet wise and map wise. I made the Spawn system work some what. Just some cleaning up that has to be done. But i think the system will work fine. And it’s easy to just use in the city part aswell. So i guess there¨s just some grinding that has to be done there.

    Overall the basics are now layed down.

    Things that i still have to make.

    1. The last missions has to be made, in kismet.
    2. Path nodes has to be placed in the city part
    3. Spawn system has to be made in city.
    4. Apply the point system. in the city part.

    Try to cook the map… Don’t have a clue about this one yet.
    Making the map look nicer and place meshes.

    Try to change all the mission placeholders into something nicer.
    And hope that i will have the time for this.

    Here’s two overview pics of the city part.



  • Picture’s look realy good! Hope you’ll win gl :D

  • Hello again… It’s been a long time since i had time to write. Been busy moving from one country to another…Sadly it took alot of time and energy. And i will go away again, I will be working from laptop… So i guess i can’t deliver as i wanted. The map is done somewhat and playable in Team objective. But i have no experience with cooking and servers etc. This is a little bit of a problem. Because I can’t get it to work properly. It seems to end up in some spectator mode. So I can’t really try it out. But I put it up on steam.


  • I’m not sure I’m following completely.

    End up on spectator mode? You mean you change you class but don’t spawn?
    If this is the case, try the “rebuild paths” function in the editor. Next time, don’t forget to click the ‘green button’ in the editor to test your map from the start as if it were played on a server.

    If you live in EU I’ll gladly put the map on my server and help you try it out. The map looks really good so far.

  • Rickvs

    I can’t choose team or add bots. I can only run around as a camera, stuck to the ground. I can play the game in the editor… Add bots and everything ( everything works fine in the editor ) So maybe there’s something i forgot to type in, to start the game ? .
    And yes i live in the EU, Holland and Sweden and i will go to Spain tomorrow :). So all the help is appreciated.

  • @cribbel:


    I can’t choose team or add bots. I can only run around as a camera, stuck to the ground. I can play the game in the editor… Add bots and everything ( everything works fine in the editor ) So maybe there’s something i forgot to type in, to start the game ? .
    And yes i live in the EU, Holland and Sweden and i will go to Spain tomorrow :). So all the help is appreciated.

    I’ll put the map on my server and see for myself. I’ll let you know if it worked or not and if I might know the solution.

  • Thanks for helping me

  • Make sure that you have set the gamemode for the map. Also, try changing the name to remove [WIP] as this may cause some issues

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