Suggestion secondary weapons

  • hello, i think it really bugs me that vanguard and knight have man at arms’ weapons as thier secondary weapons.
    i really think the vanguard should be able to use a halberd as a primary and a claymore as a secondary.
    or knight have grand mace as primary and sword of war as secondary. kind of like in deadliest warrior where some weapons are both in primary and secondary slots

    so to make man at arms weapons feel maa exclusive and thus making each class feel their weapons are unique.

    also make it so man at arms can use some of the main weapons in thier secondary slot, ie mace primary and norse sword secondary

    this would also help with balancing a little as vanguards will no longer be abble to use speedy saber or cudgel (which do not feel like vanguard weapons anyway) and a little more lore friendly. thank you for reading and considering. if you do not like this idea please tell my why.

  • How would this be “lore friendly”? What?

  • Vanguard should be able to use knight primaries as their secondaries.

  • @dudeface:

    Vanguard should be able to use knight primaries as their secondaries.

    Let every class have any weapon they want, no more balance arguments about archers being OP since every knight will have warbow and a melee weapon, WORKED OUT SO WELL FOR WOTR DIDN’T IT?

  • Makes sense.

  • first of all, in the description of war axe, it says (the best one strike weapon of the man at arms) also in the totorial it shows all the vanguard using a halberd and a claymore. “most of our weapons are TWO-HANDERS” or “ONLY vanguard has access to polearms, so you want to keep your enemies at a distance” shortsword and hatchet is not ideal for such things

  • 2 primary weapons should be a knight perk. A pole weapon plus a sword, just like in real battles. Knights are the weakest class anyway, so it’s all good.

  • knights are the strongest class what are you on

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