Dedicated Server Issues: Problems Connecting

  • So I have followed the instructions on setting up the server and it appears that everything is working as it should.

    The Console is up
    I can see the server on the list in game.
    I can connect to it manually via “open XlocalIpAddress”.

    How when I click on it in game I get a “please wait while game is loading” message that never goes away.

    This is the same message anyone trying to join the server gets as well.

    Ports are wide open
    No firewall
    no antivirus

    Thus far Im the only person that can connect to it.

    My batch file that starts the server looks like this.

    @start CDWGame.exe FFA-Bamboo?steamsockets -dedicated=true -seekfreeloadingserver -multihome= -Port=7777 -QueryPort=7778

    I’ve checked integrity on both the server software and the game. Tried 32 and 64 bit modes, tried administrative and varied compatibility modes when running the game and server.

    Im completetly out of ideas, any help would be greatly appriciated.

  • I run CDW.exe not CDWGame…first time I heard of CDWGame even.

  • Don’t they have some sort of front end yet? I remember servarena for Quake3 dialog boxes for players and bot limits
    maps selected and game mode. Its very easy and was done in visual basic. It writes a bat file when you click play
    the first time and runs the game. Next time if you like it just double click the bat file and presto. Will a real coder
    please come forward.

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