Held buttons problem

  • I’d like to bring up the rather minor but still very annoying issue with actions that require a button to be pressed and held, namely the heavy kick and shield block. There’s wide variety of states (parry recovery, shield lockout, shield up, shield down, special daze, flinch, recovery, feint cooldown and so on) in which you cannot attack or do other actions. For the most parts actions get queued and are performed immediately when these states end, but not actions that require the button to be held. If the button is pressed and held during one of these states the action will not happen at all, even though the button is still held when the state ends. instead the button has to be released, pressed and held again, which is rather inconvenient.

    Example with heavy kick:
    An attack is parried from a shield bearing enemy and instead of a riposte an attempt to kick their shield down with a heavy kick is executed. But because the kick button is pressed while still in the parry recovery state, and even though it is still held down when the parry recovery state ends, no kick comes out. Instead a moment of awkward staring at each other follows, and the chance is lost as the enemy takes their chance and does an action of their own.

    Example with shield block:
    In a 1v2 scenario an attack is blocked from one enemy and shield is lowered but because the other enemy is preparing their attack an attempt to re-raise the shield is made. but because the block button is pressed while still in shield lockout+shield down state, the shield is not raised at all even after these states end and a hit is taken. It is hard to realise what is going on and why the shield is not up as it should, and might as well end in death.

    This issue probably exists with other actions that require held button, such as bow draw, but with the shield it is really dangerous. And so I ask for a little improvement, if the button is still held when the state that previously prevented the action, the action happens. In case of heavy kick, if the button is still held then the heavy kick occurs, if the button was only pressed then a quick kick is queued instead.

  • I encounter this a lot, my block will not work, do to the fact that other buttons being pressed “primarily sprint”. I have been working with key binds to remedy these problems with good results. Here is an example how I am fixing things that work for me. In this bind I bound reload and 3rd person view, when I let go of the button an onrelase command executes and it toggles back to first person. Here is the example. This gives me a peek behind me when Im running or reloading. I highlighted the text I added to make this bind work.

    Reload | 3rd person Toggle**

    Bindings=(Name=“R”,SecondaryKey=,Command=“GBA_Reload | behindview | onrelease behindview”,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False,Flag=“KBFlag_Weapon|KBFlag_Utility”,FriendlyName=“Reload | TogglePerspective”)

    Suicide Bind****

    This is an example of how these commands work.
    Im changing “Control=False to Control=True”
    This will make it so I have to hold control to suicide.




    This is default: So this might give you an idea to of how to fix your binds to work for you.

    Bindings=(Name=“RightMouseButton”,Command=“GBA_Parry | GBA_Aim | GBA_MeleeFeint | GBA_Zoom | GBA_SpectatorFreecam”,Flag=“KBFlag_Weapon|KBFlag_Weapon|KBFlag_Weapon|KBFlag_Weapon|KBFlag_Utility”,FriendlyName=“Parry | Aim | MeleeCancelAttack | Zoom | SpectatorFreeCam”)

  • is this why I keep trying to do things and my character does nothing? My character forgets what he was doing?

  • @chivalryinterested:

    is this why I keep trying to do things and my character does nothing? My character forgets what he was doing?

    No, that’s because your archer is a pussy.

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