[Bug] Shield "combos" bug

  • Introduction
    There are two moves that can be combined with shield blocking.

    First is a combo block - attack. If you press an attack button while holding the shield up, your character will quickly lower the shield and follow it up with a faster than normal attack. Second is a shield bash, which also can be initiated while still blocking with your shield, resulting in a safer bash.

    I’ve spotted and reproduced a bug that makes it impossible to perform those moves.

    The Bug
    After the player enters the bugged state, they will be unable to perform shield “combos”. Attacking while still holding the block button will do nothing. However, as soon as the player releases the block button and the shield fully lowers, a normal attack of the type previously “ordered” will be made.

    In case of shield bash the situation is similar; the bash comes automatically but only after the block button is released. However there’s one difference - stamina will be deduced for every bash attempt while holding the block key, even though it will do nothing for the block duration.

    Respawning removes the bugged state. I’m not sure if there is a way of “fixing” it other than respawning.

    To enter the bugged state a player must take a hit to the shield while having no stamina. This will cause the effects presented above to manifest. I was able to reproduce the bug in an offline game against a bot, so this is most likely not caused by lag.

    I suspect that the bug is caused by the fact that there are two shield block types. First, when you still have stamina - the normal shield block that results in the enemy weapon breaking its attack and a stamina deduction for the defending player.

    The second type is when you run out of stamina - in that case each blocked hit causes the shield to be lowered. I’m guessing that after this happens, a certain boolean value is set, preventing “shield combos” from happening even if you keep holding the block button. I suspect that the value is not reset after stamina regenerates, thus making the player enter the bugged state until his or her death.

    Please take a look at this problem, it’s quite important for players trying to utilize their shields to their full potential.

    Thanks to DanSzilver for his help with the tests.

    It seems that there are also other circumstances in which the bug can appear, I have been however unable to pinpoint them yet.

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