A unique feature if weapon clashes together

  • Hey,

    An idea came across my mind, so I figured I’d share it here.
    So what if there was a unique mechanic implanted to the game that decides that if two swing traces meets, assuming everyone knows what those are. Then both weapons are parried/deflected.

    I think that could be a cool feature, and it would sort of give a advantage or disadvantage to vertical or horizontal attacks by making it more vulerable to being clashed against.

    This could help out in enviroments where hit trades occur, I think it is a good idea that could be worth testing out, what do you guys think?

  • Can’t say anything about this, like any other ideas, it needs testing.

    Might be cool though.

  • I think it would be a great idea but I am 100% certain TB wont implement it. Chivalry could be 1000x better than it is now but it isn’t because a lot of the changes that they would need to make would require going back to the very foundation of the game and building it back up again. “cook a new build” etc. At this point with the lack of communication and judging by how fast they shat out Deadliest Warrior and how long it has been, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a Chivalry 2 announcement in the coming months and hopefully they’ll give ideas like these a chance. Still though I’d like to see this idea tested out in a mod like the lightsaber mod since it is very fitting.

  • Well if not here, then maybe its tested in chiv 2? if that ever comes

  • Great minds think alike. When I was reading the chambering mechanic thread, I was trying to figure out in my head how it would work in Chiv, as I know how it works in M&B but the combat is entirely different. So I too came to the conclusion of weapon clashing via two intercepting tracers. I would really like to test this idea, if any mod savvy people could try and concoct something like this it would be awesome.
    My only fear is that it would be too easy to perform, resulting in more spam oriented gameplay. My hope is that it is surprisingly difficult to do, but a good way to try and match an opponent who you think will try to feint you, if they don’t you force a clash, if they do you get a hit on them.

  • @wildwulfy:

    Well if not here, then maybe its tested in chiv 2? if that ever comes

    Definitely, that is what I was trying to get at. This should certainly be tested in Chivalry 2 and hopefully included in it. I mean I’m all for it being in Chivalry right now but I just don’t think they would put the time and effort into it.

  • we could reenact jedi duels with this

  • Have the weapons make a clashing animation at contact, and allow either player to switch the attack type according to whoever reacts first forcing the other to ftp. This would highly deepen competitive play by making combat more fluid in general. To balance this further we shouldprobably only make this a thing f the two animations clash at a time to have otherwise caused a hit trade. Btw, stole my topic :L

  • I guess you mean something along theses lines?
    At…1.40. Both hit and…well, the end is yet to be seen but it’s a status quo situation.

    I really like and second this idea. Just fear it won’t get implemented. :(

  • I believe this was called chambering in another topic with a similar/identical idea. I think it’s an idea everyone would love to see in Chiv 2, but I don’t know if TBS would be willing to add and polish such a mechanic to the current game.

    At any rate, it would be a pretty cool “slow” parry to fight feint-heavy playstyles and also give different attacks like alt slashes and stabs an extra purpose in being difficult to clash with. I can kind of envision a crapton of accidental sword clashing in team fights though. Would even be interesting if you could riposte off it for both parties, so it’d be a weird choice of riposting (and possibly facing your enemy’s own riposte into a hittrade depending on both your weapon speeds/swings; if your ripostes clash yet again, that repeats this cycle) or waiting for parry (and thus lose stamina but being the safer option in general).

  • if you could both riposte off it i can see players chambering their ripostes into chambering into chambering into chambering

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