Chivalry constantly freezes after several minutes of playing - fairly common problem

  • After playing Chivalry for a few minutes my entire computer will freeze. This problem has also been mentioned on Chivalry’s reddit page and it affects multiple users. The game is absolutely unplayable with this problem. I’ve seen some thread posts on the forums but have yet to hear a response from the devs as to what might be the issue.

  • yeah, same here…

    IT freezes and stops responding…it’s pretty damn hard to kill this zombie process when you are in fullscreen mode too.
    I tried going into safemode same issue.
    Reinstaled client…same issue.
    Updated drivers and dx…same issue.

    pls fix :]

  • Bumping for Great Justice

  • If you really want to help, maybe you could post more detailed information? Like for instance your system specs, anything leading up to the bug occurring, and any other information about reproducing the bug. Do you have anything in common with people who get the same bug as you?

  • well I think I fixed it…stoped using new barbarian skin for maa and it is stable again…

  • honest I’ve not heard of the barbarian skin causing such a problem, can anyone replicate this?

  • this same problem is re-occurring with me every time I play chivalry as well…. about 5 minutes in my game completely freezes, and doesn’t respond. I then have to result to cntrl+alt+delete and log off then re log and try to relaunch but it still crashes 5 min in every single time. Personally I love this game I have over 1000 hours on it , and would love to play it more, but with this consistent problem it is making it that I am unable to perform such actions.

  • I’m having this problem today too. I go into the game, after 5, or 10-20 minutes, the game freezes and I have to close it.

    I really do not know why. Maybe it’s because my Windows 8 did an update.

    Plz help us!

  • I am confirming it now…was playing without crash for few hours and thought it is the new skin. But it froze again. It just took more time this time around.

    It is not due to skins…

  • I just wanted to confirm this problem as well. I’ve played over 400 hours at this awesome game, but since this week end I got super annoying freeze after like 10 minutes playing. I can’t really get out of this freeze and I need to close my current windows session.

    Anyway, I saw someone on steam saying that after reinstalling Geforce Experience, I can play this game for a long time without any crash.

    So it’s possible that this problem is related to the Geforce experience software.

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