Downloading Chivalry and rate drops to 2.5kB a sec

  • So a while back I was trying to play medieval warfare but it wouldn’t run from the launcher. what was off is that I was able to run the DLC just fine. I decided to uninstall and re install it but I have found that was a big mistake. the download begins as it would normally, I peak download rate at 8MB a second but as soon as the download is about 50% done the download rate drops as low as 800 Bytes a second. it should be noted that throughout the download’s entirety, the thumbnail constantly flashes between “download queued” and “downloading.” but the download rate does not drop until I hit about 4 out of the 7.3 Gb completed. I have tested several games to make sure it was only chivalry that was giving me this issue and it is, Thanks for your time.

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