[Bug] TO Hillside Fire Objective completes after extinguish.

  • I heard there was about 1 minute delay after the fire is lit that the objective is completed. An enemy lit the signal fire, one of our guys put it out, another guy started kicking the already out fire, I kicked him up the butt mid fire dance. 1 minute later or so, objective failed. The signal fire was not re lit during this time.

    Exact specifics are sketchy as it was an on the fly thing and I wasn’t looking out for it. Please post if you are able to reproduce the bug.

  • i haven’t seen the pyre being extinguished either, even after watch a whole team dance around it

  • I have ran into this issue too a few times. I have extinguished it before and stayed near the fire to make sure it was not relit and we lost the objective after a few minutes.

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