Random Freeze/crash issue DxDiag and Launch log included

  • I just bought Chivalry, and cant seem to run either DW, or MW, which is a little bit ridiculous, but i know as all issues are fixable, i should probably ask for help.

    So here i am, Im running Windows 8.1, and normally after around 5-15 mins of gameplay, the entire game will lock up, forcing me to end the process with task manager, which, for some reason, also kills steam.

    I will attatch the DxDiag, however i was forced to put the launch log into a zip file to upload it here, its 14mb unzipped, which is too large to process on this forum. Both of these logs are from DW

    I’ve tried many of the solutions out there on the internet, and none appear to have worked

    My drivers are up to date, and i run a 650ti Nvidia GPU

    Any help would be appreciated, I’m also not extremely tech savvy, so if you need more information than this aside from specs, then please tell me.

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