[FINISHED] Knights Templar's First 2 vs 2 Tournament Results!

  • Hey guys!

    Thanks to everybody who came out and participated in Knights Templar’s First 2 vs 2 Tournament!

    While we did have to change the original Single Elimination style to a Double Elimination system, we’re glad that it all worked out and everyone was able to get more fun out of the tournament!

    There were some great games, amazing clutches, and many honorable mentions, so here it is:

    First Place: “Crimson Tide” (Ŧ | Ωmega & RAW BONER)

    Second Place: “Ghetto Easy” ( apex | Stinker & apex | TheB34ST)
    Third Place Tie: “Unborn Soldier” (εq | Unborn & εq | Soldier1stClass) and “Monthly Tide” (Flippy & Clay)

    Wild Card Award : “Men of Wax” ( Dwight Lightning & Highzeus )

    For the full bracket and results, click here -> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18xkdnYqaDKdbTIZ_YO0XY10vYbEIBmTTVQtpZ2BKfdk/pubhtml

    We now have a full Twitch Tv Broadcast setup, so for the next tournament or any other Chivalry related content, check out:



    Thanks to all of our moderators (Pnobio, Dweller, and Jimmy) and every team that let us use their server (Tempest, Eq, and Apex). Wouldn’t have worked without you guys!

    All in all, it was an awesome tournament, and we hope you all liked it as much as we did! Stay tuned for the next one…

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