CDW/CMW.exe errors

  • I’ve had problems with both Chivalry games ever since they came out. I’ve been looking for fixes concerning the “CDW/CMW.exe stopped working” error and I’ve gotten no where. I have tried all the solutions on the sticky thread (More than once, and uninstall/reinstall way more than once), and some of them work momentarily, but not permanently. (Like the game will start, but crash before I can join a server).

    When CMW first came out, I didn’t have any kinds of problems at all, but once Deadliest Warrior came out, I started having the crashing problems, and a couple buddies of mine, with close to identical computers are able to play it just fine.

    I recently replaced a lot of parts on my computer, just so that I could (hopefully) play this game, but I’ve still been getting the same errors.

    I’ve attached the DxDiag, but when I try to upload the Launch.log files it tells me that they are an invalid file.

  • If you replaced parts, and you are still getting problems, its likely a software issue.
    Here’s some basics to get you started while TB gets onto your issue.

    -Update your Graphics Drivers
    -Reinstall Chivalry (delete the local content, then redownload)
    -Sign up for the beta, see if the patch there fixes any problems.
    -Look for consistent’s, things that happen every crash.
    -Try disabling the steam overlay.
    -Disable any other overlay programs, Fraps or some overclocking software
    -Disable your antivirus firewall and try again.
    -Set your resolution/screen settings so only one monitor is being used.

  • Since the last update, whenever I exit the game back to Windows, I get “CDWLauncher has stopped responding”. No big deal I suppose, since the actual game is fine, but I’ve never seen this before until now. There’s a white square in the middle of the screen when the error appears.

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