I go away for a few weeks and look what happens.

  • Seriosly, it was still a pay-4 modlast time I was here, Now looky here! You gone and capitalized,Indie developer and all, geeze…. Just sayin.

    Oh ya, one more thing, I want an AMERICAN English option in the board settings. Not just British. AMERICAN. Try to pronounce it: UgH-Mere-Ih-KaN (Silent G).

    K, dat, dats bout’ it.

  • It’s no longer a mod but a totally new game. In order to become successful they need money. Besides it is good incentive for working at top level. Why would they not profit of their own product. We enjoy it and pay a little contribution much like any other game. I think it could be a huge hit if the pricing wouldn’t be too high. I sure hope it will be a great succes yes I do!

  • A few weeks? This project was announced well over a year ago.

  • I am sure there is no chivalry in these mysterious lands thou callest “America”.

  • -Texas, 1076

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