• Went to Kishido server for some fun times, a Japanese based server.
    Played around with my 220 ping over the weekend. Saw some rank 50 Japanese players.
    But the most striking thing about Kishido’s server were two things:

    the first being that everyone on your team sported an orange triangle with your name tag. This was actually a huge improvement to Team Objective, being able to see where the lines of your defense were weak, and filling that spot. The teamplay overall was much higher, and the objectives far more balanced with everyone actually working together. The amount of team damage was extraordinarily low compared to normal east coast servers I play on. This might also be influenced culturally.

    the second thing was that in three hours I played on that server, not a single votekick was cast. Not one. Not even against me having high ping and being on top of the charts with said high ping. They just accepted that I was there and continued to play with me. I assume this is due to normally having abysmal amounts of players outside of the free weekend.

    and finally I have to ask this question. What is the context of !barusu on that server? I google’d barusu but got some explanation about balse and Castle in the Sky. What does this mean in the context of Chivalry though? I thought it was sorry, but sorry was “SOR”.

    that description was one of the first results on google. !barusu

  • !barusu is a custom command on the Kishido server that automatically kicks anyone with (I think) 250+ ping. The anime reference is probably just some inside joke. They have some neat stuff set up with BigBrotherBot I guess. Message of the day, player tracking, the custom ping kick, etc.

    They are very nice folk though. I play there when the singapore servers go down, but my ping is like 150+ so I just archer.

  • Ah okay, that’s kind of funny then. So that’s just a more efficient way of cleaning up the server of high pings. This should be on all servers…. considering I sometimes have seen kicks against 500 ping players fail. Lol.

  • Yeah. You probably saw the periodic chat message “Player so-and-so ping exceeds limit (551ms)” or whatever it is. Those players that have been tagged by the system can stay on until someone (anyone, even you) types !barusu in chat. It’s nice feature.

  • That sounds like pretty cool server.

    I wish we had servers like that over here. I have seen only one server with some kind of obvious custom stuff but it was just chatspam with dumb shit like “WELCOME TO THE SERVER, playername! IT HAS BEEN time SINCE YOUR LAST VISIT. YOUR SERVER RANK IS #12497340827” and same shit for every single player who joins.

  • This post makes me want to play with the Japanese.

    High lvls, teamwork, no spam/votekicks/chat bs - It’s like a chiv dream.

  • Yeah I played on it the other day. It was really fun with all custom maps it was running and I only had 150 ping cuz I’m a west coast scrub.

    The majority of players weren’t parrying, so don’t expect high lvl play there lol.

  • My only experience with server bots here in yurop was pretty damn bad. “Oh hello whatsyourface, you haven’t showed up in a while, now stop raising your TD level to 20% or I autoban you.”

    This barusu thingy does sound nice indeed, especially when compared to that.

  • The high ranks… how good are them?

  • I dunno. They all play MAA.

  • The rank 50s were typical pubstompers as far as I could tell.

    Well they were the only ones who were parrying.

  • @dudeface:

    I dunno. They all play MAA.

    And brandi stock.

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