Can't select my new weapons..

  • Hi guys so this is my first post ever in the forum. ive recently starting playing this game and i bought the elite mason knight armor that comes with the butchers messers, so when i go to customization i manage to select and spawn with such armor, but not with the butchers messer, i just cant find a way to actually use.
    Im probably doing somehting wrong but havnt got much help in-game so if anyone could help me with it id really appreciated.

  • Ensure you’re selecting the correct version of your character. MASON / AGATHA / FFA. These 3 options do not share customization.

  • The alternate weapon skins are on the right side of the screen, a new tab that lists all of them(next to the tab for emblems).

  • It doesn’t automatically select the custom messer or grand mace when you select those knight skins. Some people are under the impression that those weapon skins are automatically part of their mason or agatha knight skins, but this is not the case. You can use both or either one with normal knight skins as well as either faction skin.

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