Chase Mechanic

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the chase mechanic? I can’t get close enough to finish someone off unless I’m playing a sword-wielding vanguard, and even then it’s usually a charge attack. As of now, running away seems to be a get-out-of-jail-free card. Is there something I’m missing, or are other people like-minded? It seems like I have to chase them forever to get a swing in, then I slow down when I swing and they’re gone again.

  • Bumping since I have been having the same issue since last patch…

  • TB loves their archers and maa so much they got rid of it

  • It’s crazy broken. Used to work from the front, but that was deemed too powerful so it was limited to the back. Been broken since then despite efforts to fix it.

    They should roll it back to how it was but limit it to after pressing C. Would make it a charge mechanic rather than a chase mechanic, but who doesn’t love yelling.

  • wierd, the chase mechanic works fine for me from the back

  • I have a feeling that chase mechanic doesn’t work in duel mode or ffa. Just fine in teambased modes

  • Seems to be working ok for me now. It was a bit unreliable a few weeks ago but they fixed it a bit.

  • Afaik there is no chase mechanic in FFA

  • Huh. I’ll have to test that out later.
    Usually I AFK in a corner during FFA.

  • I will notice the occasional burst of speed, more so than before the patch, but it’ll still conk out for no reason and you’re left trotting along behind someone waiting for them to stop or take a bad route.

  • yeah basically ^^

    it sucks if you are knight because you will never catch up to anyone

    just bring back the old chase mechanic that activated if you targetted someone, didn’t matter if it was their back

  • Most people don’t even bother to zig zag, they know that knights can’t catch them, even with the red dot firmly aimed between their shoulder blades.

    I don’t see the point activating the chase mechanic from the front, unless people really want to buff knights, which might not be a bad idea. Actually, the more I think about it, a chase mechanic that allowed knights to close the distance on archers and maas is probably a good idea if you fall into the camps that think a knight buff or archer nerf is required.

  • well it just added so much more to the game, you could use it to get in really quick stabs from far away for example


  • I like how you can speed up from peasants as Agatha on Stonehill.

  • @Albatross8:

    I like how you can speed up from peasants as Agatha on Stonehill.

    A lot of clan people actually “exploit” this in scrims. If you angle it right as a maa, you can speed through the village out running everyone from the mason side, basicly burning down the entire village by yourself. Only being vulnerable to throwables.

  • Well I’m sold on the idea of a really effective chase mechanic that works with a red dot anywhere on the opponents character. So if a knight is chasing a maa who is running way how many seconds do you think it should take before the knight can get a hit in? (assuming they can keep the dot on them all of the time).

    Actually; that’s a dumb question because it depends on the starting distance. Meh home time for me.

  • thats how it used to work and it got removed for no reason now we have a shitty system where MAA can dodge back and packpedal indefinitely against knights

    it made the game worse for no raisin

  • @zombojoe:


    Why does this matter? If an Maa is just backpeddling all the time, just ignore him and go kill someone else, or get that objective.

  • They still can’t backpedal faster than a knight can sprint.

  • they sure can dodge though!

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