Lefties Playing Chivalry

  • In most competitive games, being left-handed or right-handed is not an issue. A left-handed Starcraft 2 player, or a Counterstrike player, or a DoTA player have no inherent advantage or disadvantage from being left-handed.

    However, in Chivalry: Medieval warfare, all players must fight as if they are right-handed. As a “leftie”, this seems strange to me. When I imagine holding a sword, I imagine holding it on the left. When I imagine swinging a sword, I imagine swinging from the left.

    There are several articles on video game immersion and identification (ex: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1468-2885.2009.01347.x/abstract?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false) with the general consensus that we bring our own knowledge and reality and mold them into our character. As someone left-handed, holding a sword and swinging from the right seems weird to me. I wouldn’t do that, myself. And if games mirror reality (the physics of it, at least,) we all play the game as if we were actually swinging/blocking/dodging, ourselves.

    But each time I’m holding a sword in Chivalry I have to imagine I’m playing as if my dominant hand is somehow infected with one-hand polio. And holding “alt” doesn’t really change that fact.

    I believe only having characters be right-handed is a game mechanic that might unfairly punish players who are left-handed. It’s like right-handed scissors, except the scissors are a video game. You can still play, and you can still do well, but it never feels comfortable.

    I’ve heard some criticisms about the idea of introducing left-handed characters. Here I’ll address them:

    _1. It would be overpowered for left-handed players. Most players are right-handed and they won’t expect (or know how to fight) left-handed characters.
    This argument is self-contradictory.

    Consider this: if everyone had the option to make their character left-handed, then anyone (including right-handed players) could make their character left-handed, if they wanted to, and receive that “advantage.”

    What this argument really implies, however, is that ONLY left-handed players would be able to play left-handed characters well.

    That same argument, however -that only left-handed players would be able to play left-handed characters well- concedes that the current system of right-handed characters give right-handers an advantage.

    2._It’s historically inaccurate! Knights were forced to be right-handed!

    _Nevermind that no medieval kingdoms named “Agatha” and “Mason” ever, historically, warred each other. Yes, most medieval nobility (including knights) were forced to be right-handed. But there is plenty of evidence of left-handed swordsmen.


    “Note: This tenent is addressed to left-handers and right-handers. If you are a right-handed fencer and you are closing to an opponent and you think you can hit him, do not strike the first blow from (your) left side, because you are weak there and you cannot resist, if he binds strongly against your blade. Because of this, strike from the right side, you can work strongly “Am Schwert” (“on the sword”) and you can use all techniques you like. So, if you are left-handed, do not strike from the right side, since left-handers are usually not used to strike effectively from the right side and vice versa.”

  • lmao, came in here thinking this was a political insult because of the title, so I jumped on scene to go elitist on ya. But nope, boring thread about boring topic. Like, holy care xD jk I don’t know many lefties that play chivalry.

  • I’m right handed, but anything I do two-handed is left (skateboard - left foot first, bat left, golf left, hockey left). The two-hand swings in the game feel fine to me. I think you are exaggerating.

    off topic somewhat:
    My dad is left handed, and when he plays skyrim he doesn’t have any issues except when dual wielding, because in that game left click is always your primary attack (right hand) and right click is the offhand (left shield block, left hand swing).

  • Developer

    We actually recently found a rather convenient way to potentially make this happen. We’ll be testing it in a beta soon I believe.

  • Wait what’s the problem with rebinding alt swings to buttons, instead of making them alt + attack based? You do realize that you can rebind all swings independently. Just rebind alt lmb to lmb and lmb to a diff button.

    Or you just use alt swings primarily.

  • I’m pretty sure you can work something out with mirrors.
    cuz physics

  • Im a lefty and I’ve been playing for a while now. My biggest transition was getting used to a mouse and keyboard being a console gamer before chivalry. I use the mouse with my left hand and keyboard with my right which presents some interesting challenges but I’ve adapted. Anyways I’ve never felt uncomfortable swinging my weapon like a righty.

  • I’m left-handed too and I never thought about this on Chivalry. I would like to try it out to see how it goes.

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