5 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Gaming Experience

  • I have been reading a lot about (and experiencing no small amount of) griefing in the past few weeks. It has been frustrating to see some of those ‘entrusted’ with beta access doing their very best to spoil the experience for those of us who value a good gaming environment, but the times they are a changin’. Tomorrow is release day!

    This means that many (myself included) will be running dedicated servers. Some will manage them effectively and promote a great environment for cohesiveness, teamwork, and hilarity, some less so. One thing is certain: cream always rises. Here are some ways we can work to limit the amount of griefing and help foster an environment that is conducive to a great day on the battlefield:

    Turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s teammates.

    Use your Admin permissions to promote awesomeness.

    Spread the good word.

    Respond to defeat with dignity…then repay it in kind.

    Don’t harsh the mellow.


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