Wolfenstein New Order

  • amazing game nuff said

  • i just started playing it and im glad im shooting nazis again

    tired of shooting communists and brown people

  • i bet doom is going to suck

    i need to play this a little bit more before i judge it, only played like 20 minutes but the performance was really shit on high settings, literally unplayable, i had to lower it and now it looks muddy like RAGE

  • doesnt matter anymore

  • I have 60 FPS after textures are properly loaded. I really need to get one of them SSD drives.

  • i had really low fps (20 on low) and then i installed newest drivers and my fps boosted to 60

  • This post is deleted!

  • @J-P:

    solid-state drive drives?

    Yeah. I went to ATM machine but it said that my PIN number was incorrect so I didn’t have enough moneycoins for one of them SSD drives. RIP in peace, powerful PC computer.

  • I will get it when it’s on sale

  • got new drivers game runs flawless now

    a million times better than bioshock infinite although that isnt really saying anything

  • Mite buy from sale. I like the Iron Sky fibe that game seems to have: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py_IndUbcxc

  • from playing all the way to the end on hard mode id say its a solid PC game actually

    the developers seemed to have remember how important health and armor pickups are for pacing instead of retarded cod style hp regen
    it was a compromise because you could regen in increments of 20 hp, so from 55 to 60 or 10 to 20 which reduces the possibility of running out of health packs and being at 1 hp

    the good:
    solid FPS mechanics, all the guns felt good to fire and i felt that i was using almost all the guns in my inventory
    pistol is OP as fuck
    mediocre stealth that actually added strategy to the game, dont go expecting stealth mechanics like in Thief 1 but it was satisfactory for a corridor shooter
    really good enemy variety actually, even though you shoot nazis all game there are many kinds of nazis that have different approaches to them, felt like an oldschool title in this regard
    good difficulty ramps, hard mode was actually hard, i felt that if i wasnt tryharding by getting every headshot i wouldnt have done near as well as i did
    dual wielding, this game seemed to do it right but i didnt really like using it too much, only to burst down big nazi robots but it did it well nevertheless
    graphix, really good although sometimes the textures looked pretty muddy, i dont think i ever saw a repeating tiled texture anywhere, amazing art style, but the levels were too small to really create impressive looking levels
    destructable environments, this is hands down the best destructible environment ive ever seen in FPS, there are even watermelons that break in multiple pieces (feels like HL2 all over again)

    the okay:
    story was kinda meh but it at least it wasnt shit
    the scale of the levels was really tiny sometimes, a lot of the levels felt i was running through a corridor that would take sharp turns every once in awhile, there was the occasional side path or dead end but i felt the only reason to go to these places was to find collectibles
    perks, i felt like these were a replacement for a proper RPG perk system but basically if you did something that would normally unlock an achievement in a game i.e kill 20 guys with throwing knives, it would award you with a buff like being able to carry more throwing knives and supposedly this was designed to improve your playstyle, i ended up getting almost all the perks except the grenade related ones because i didnt find too much use for nades except for stunning big baddies

    the bad:

    60 dorrar price tag, thats kinda expensive for a singleplayer game im probably only going to place once
    no replayability, the game leaves little to do different and the levels are all really tiny with really only one way to beat them
    way too damn cinematic m8, especially the early levels you just lose control of your character way too fucking often for him to do some annoying cutscene that you cant skip, there were also even some where an enemy ambushes you and you watch him take your health and armor down and cant do anything because its a cutscene, some pretty bad jumpscares that werent scary as well involving dogs usually

    overall easily the best game this year actually just because its a really well crafted and polished game, i didnt spot any consolitis anywhere either which is always a +1

    i definitely recommend this to get in a steam sale 60 dollar is asking too much

  • Consider ONLY playing Chivalry. Support the game and stuff.

  • I do not like what I’ve played of this game so far. Gameplay felt just like Bioshock Infinite. (Or any modern shooting game in general) Dual wielding nor health bars can’t change that.

  • its pretty much the same idea

    a really polished yet simplistic shooter

    this is leagues better than bioshock infinite tho

  • At least Wolfenstein didn’t have a mind bending puzzle sequence like Bioshock Infinite did.

  • doesnt matter anymore

  • @zombojoe:

    no replayability, the game leaves little to do different and the levels are all really tiny with really only one way to beat them

    The game actually changes slightly depending on who you choose in first chapter.

    Not much but probably keeps it somewhat fresh if you decide to play through it again.

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