Deadliest warrior.

  • So I’m looking on the steam forums a lot as half the threads are hilarious.

    But there’s lots of people saying that they now own deadliest warrior without actually paying for it.

    And there’s a bunch of others a who have paid for it but in the launcher its telling them to buy deadliest warrior again. I think that’s something you might want to check up on.

  • I assumed it’s leftover data from the free weekend that should have been updated. Reinstalling or validating game files should get the launcher button back to normal. But I wouldn’t know, I’m not having these issues.

  • Yes it seems if you buy Medieval warfare now you get deadliest warrior with it anyway. These people aren’t getting the complete pack just normal Chiv. And there’s tons of people mentioning this.

    So yes torn banner I don’t know how game sales work with steam but people are getting both games for the price of medieval warfare. Whether you want to yell at steam for screwing up or its something on your end to check up on I would do it soon.

  • I got DW free but it’s hot garbage. Pirates voice command things are hilarious and fun to spam, though.

  • I played around with DW a lot and i did enjoy it. But the game has balance issues,bugs and so on. I had to leave for MW-the game is just better.

  • Still a lot of people like the game and think its more balanced.

    And they are getting it for free.

  • I like it, but saying it’s more balanced is madness. DW needs a lot of work and has yet to see a patch, unfortunately.

  • DW reminds me of a really bad PVK2 clone. And PVK2 was bad so….

  • I like it also but I agree on balance. But opinions are opinions. Many people who play DW lots say its better balanced than MW. And for the type of game it is I’m actually surprised how balanced it was at release. I thought it would be far more imbalanced.

    Better than PVK anyway.

    Ad I don’t think it was TBs intention for those who buy MW now to get DW also. Just look at the steam forums. There’s quite a lot of people getting the game without paying for it.

  • Even I didn’t get DW for free. Such injustice!

  • I enjoyed DW and still do in small doses.

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