[CHIV] Game freezes after playing for a while

  • EDIT:

    It seems that while I was typing this thread there was a little patch for Chivalry. I updated the game and I’ve been playing a few hours. Aparently the bug has dissapeared.
    Well, thanks to the people who has read the OP and thanks to this patch.


    It isn’t a connection issue and neither a fps problem. After being playing for a while the game freezes completely and it blocks my pc. I got to shut down the pc or just close my session.

    I can Ctrl + Alt + Del and when I try to start the task manager I only see the toolbar and the rest of the screen is black. I tried to do Alt + Tab but the black screen stand. I tried to close the game by right clicking the icon on the toolbar and it didnt work (I also tried Alt + F4). I can’t close the game with the task manager because I can’t see it.
    I also observed that Steam isn’t at the notification bar, I don’t know why but every time the game freezes steam is closed, but dunno why steam is closed.

    I have a few friends having the same issue and we all are running the game on Windows 8.1.

    Thing we tried to solve this problem:

    -We tried to re-install the game. Didn’t work.
    -We tried to delete X:\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare folder and X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKGame\Config folder. Then we verified the integrity of the game cache. Didn’t work.
    -We tried to launch the game in compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 7 (The ChivLaunch.exe and CMW.exe). Didn’t work.
    -We tried to play with the Safe Mode enabled. Didn’t work.
    -We tried to play 32 bits version. Didn’t work.
    -Finally we tried all at once. Didn’t work.

    My specs:
    CPU: i7 4471 3.5 GHz.
    GPU: Geforce GTX 780 ti
    RAM: 16 Gb (2x8 Gb)
    SO: Windows 8.1 Pro

    It think that it’s a problem with Windows 8.1, a friend of mine has Windows 7 and he has no problems.

    If you need more information such as logs files, tell me (and tell me where can I find them).

    Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope someone can help us.

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