Game freezes upon getting to menu

  • Good morning,
    I picked this game up on the sale over the weekend and have not been able to play it- every time I start the game the Unreal and TB movies play and then when I get to the main menu the game freezes immediately- once or twice I have gotten to see the banner on the menu flutter for a half-second but then it always freezes and crashes to desktop. I have been through every thread on here and the Steam forum about this- tried re-validating the files, reinstalling, various compatibility modes, forcing 32-bit, everything I can find.

    My PC is only a month or two old and capable of running the most current gen games graphics-wise, is there some issue I’m simply overlooking? Any help would be most appreciated.

  • I have been fiddling with different settings and still have not been able to get the game to successfully launch. Any help from TB staff would be great.

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