• Hello chivalry community! So, I’m thinking about two possibilities that can be reallllllllllly cool for this game as dlc or a sequel. The first of which, being a chivalry set with a purely Asian theme. No, not the deadliest warrior bs with 8 different people from different time periods, only Asian like warriors. Purely set in Japan, during the time of the shogun. Do not change any mechanics, and just copy/paste this game with unique weapons, maps, character models. Maybe introduce a weapon clash system, where the first one to react to the weapon clash by attacking a second time once they see the animation gets initiative of the duel for no stamina, which would make sense because this happened a lot in Asian times as far as katana fights were done. The factions would pretty much just be different samurai.

    The second idea, is a chivalry set during the times of the crusades. This would consist of pretty much 2 factions, being the seljuk turks against……everyone else. :D Byzantine soldiers, would fight alongside Templars. The knights could be Templar hardened bad asses. The vanguards could be traditional crusaders, and maa would be byzantine foot soldiers, while the archers byzantine marksmen. New maps, new models, new weapons = fun.

    Propose what time period or fictional struggle torn banner should take on in the forums below :D

  • What would probably be cooler than just the crusades, would be a fictional all out struggle between the French and the Templar order. As in, draw the fight out, and see what would happen if this private order with support from the byzantine empire could take down France. (always wanted to slay frenchies in a medieval game :D)
    The maps would be insanely beautiful, and you can practically go into any setting and still keep the theme here.

  • I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this, I know the majority of you play because Chivalry is set in the Medieval period. I think TB (or maybe an ambitious mod team) should develop a shooter set in the late 1700s.

    Pre C:MW, most people thought that a shooter developed around muskets would be extremely boring. Now with the combat system Chivalry offers, they could do sooo much with it. The thought of opening with muskets and then going in to finish up with a bayonet charge with the chivalry combat system just makes me moist.

    In what other game could you assault an enemy fort, drive the butt of your rifle into some dude’s skull, turn to your left and put your bayonet in another dude’s stomach, and then put a bullet in the head of someone else coming at you with their knife. There is no game like it. Being the first studio to merge an awesome melee system with traditional shooters would make you so much money. People had their minds blown when Battlefield introduced those canned counter knife animations, think of how they’ll act when they’re given an actual melee system.

    I’m sure a lot of Chivalry sales were from people who like the medieval age, but I’m also willing to bet a ton of sales were from people who wanted to try something new and different.

    Doooo itttt.

  • get this weaboo out of here

  • You talk to much son.

  • No to both Japanese theme and 1700s theme from me.

    Crusades would be awesome though.

  • @Dr:

    No to both Japanese theme and 1700s theme from me.

    Crusades would be awesome though.

    Crusades was the best choice for me :L still get that medieval feel, but that fresh feel too.

  • Ahem

    Crusade wise If you follow the lore of the game the whole reason for the Mason and Agathian conflict Was because King Argon Died on a crusade. The training level happens as they are setting off for this crusade. So they could make a prequel.

    Having a game in the early 19th century would be better than the early 18th century In regards to weapons.

    Romans against barbarians Would be obvious of course. Larger appeal than medieval I would imagine. Just a tad harder to pull off. And you could keep Both history nerds and players happy if you focus on one particular conflict. Trajans dacian wars. These barbarians had an array of nasty two handed weapons unlike other barbarians. And the romans adopted the gladiator manica arm armour and greaves For more customisation options. And many experimentation’s of better reinforced helmets all to better protect them from they Dacians weapons.

  • @lemonater47:


    Well that’s cool, but I really don’t want different mechanics, these are soo close to perfect as in what we have now so. yerp

  • @Huggles:

    Well that’s cool, but I really don’t want different mechanics, these are soo close to perfect as in what we have now so. yerp

    Started off as a mod for chivalry. They then decided to make it a standalone title. Won’t be that different.

  • If we were going to do Romans I think Gladiators would be great. They already have unique classes with different weapons and armour:
    Murmillo: heavy unit with leg and arm armour, helmet, a big shield and a sword.
    Hoplomachus: similar to the Murmillo except had a small round shield and a single javelin to throw at the start then move to sword
    Retarius: light unit with a trident, dagger and net.
    Scissor: heavy unit without a shield but with a weird weapon on the left hand

    Thraex: Heavy unit that fought with a falx
    Velies: light skirmisher with javelins
    Laquearious: light unit like a Retarius except with a laso and dagger
    Dimachaerus: used a sword in each hand

    There are others and many variations.

    Best of all there would be no archers.

  • medieval period is good enough honestly

  • @Huggles:

    Well that’s cool, but I really don’t want different mechanics, these are soo close to perfect as in what we have now so. yerp

    Really? Seriously? Just…… really? You high?

    Edit: Going to say no to the roman theme. I wouldn’t mind it as some kind of expansion or something though.

  • @zombojoe:

    medieval period is good enough honestly

    Romans have a massive appeal as well. Just look at total war. People like Romans.

  • how bout we get football hooligan simulator with chiv 2 and fight with baseball bats and pipes and shit

    no but i think there should be no time the game is based on, only medieval, all armors & weapons included

  • “No time the game is based on, only medieval.”

    Because that makes sense.

  • what i mean is no specific medieval time period, just overall medieval (all medieval time periods)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Seems to be within a 200 year time period to me. Most of it would of all been used at the same time anyway.

  • The Medieval period lasted for around a 1000 years though, it’s split into the Early, High, and Late Medieval periods.

    I wouldn’t consider a thousand years all that specific in written history.

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