• Just add Saracen, Seljuk Turks vs the invading hordes of the Mongols (no the handicap people) and please for the love of humanity don’t make them look like your average Joe sand terrorist people but knowing TB they’ll probably be the next villains so Masons and Agatha gotta team up and save the Murican world of Chivalry!

    Based TB HUEEEE

  • Or they could stick to their lore. 3 years beforehand. When the masons were an elite force of the agathian army. They went on a crusade then.

  • Why crusades and historics moments ? In CMW there are 2 unexistant teams.

  • @Huggles:

    The second idea, is a chivalry set during the times of the crusades. This would consist of pretty much 2 factions, being the seljuk turks against……everyone else. :D

    Seljuk turks ? Oh my !
    Yes ! Yes yes yes yes yes !

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Bardaf:

    Why crusades and historics moments ? ….

    Why not?


  • @Bardaf:

    Why crusades and historics moments ? In CMW there are 2 unexistant teams.

    These two unexistant teams used to be one unexistant team. The agathian army went on a crusade. Before the events of the game. Its the whole reason why they are fighting each other essentially. A crusade in a place called Tenosia. They describe the land like any middle eastern country. So there Tenosians can look like the Turks and there’s your crusade Andrew best part of it is its part of the lore. They can make a prequel.

  • Committing to a certain time period and being historically accurate would be boring for this game imo, i like how this game features various weapons and armor from the thousand year period between the sack of Rome and the Renaissance. Hell, it even has a prehistoric weapon (cudgel) and a fantasy weapon that didn’t actually exist (double axe).

  • _Chivalry: Maulric’s Rise

    _Malric seeks ultimate power and is transformed into Maulric, a giant maul with arms and legs wielding a maul. His power has become too great and it is up to the Agatha Knights and the Mason Order to set aside their differences to defend their home against Maulric and his warhammer minions.

    A new class is introduced to the lineup: Sorcerer. Using his knowledge of ancient magics, the sorcerer can burn, freeze, and electrocute his foes. Wearing only light cloth armor, he is fragile to attacks. Maulric has yet to face this mighty combatant. Maybe this will turn the tide of this war?

    Hell no, mauls are too strong to lose to wimpy dress wearing… erm. Nevermind.


    how bout we get football hooligan simulator with chiv 2 and fight with baseball bats and pipes and shit

    Could probably just re-skin Left 4 Dead for that. Dress the zombies in Millwall FC gear and have the “survivors” wearing West Ham Utd gear. New chavvy voiceovers. Done.

  • English football fans. Take it a bit too seriously.

    Man United all the way.

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