Samurai Ranks up by himself.

  • Hello everyone,

    There is an issue that me and my brothers have encountered while playing ‘Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior’. This issue is that the Samurai Class Semingly Ranks up by himself.

    For example: My most used class is the viking (by far) evidence of how much I use the Viking is: I have a total of 907 kills, 677 Deaths and 426 Assists (as I am Writing this) out of these, 377 Kills, 262 deaths and 133 Assists are from the Viking.

    On the other hand, The Samurai only has 58 Kills 48 Deaths and 63 assists, significantly lower numbers. However, when I look at my records (for example records of how well I have done in a single battle), It shows thatIn a single battle, the Samurai gained a total of 19,247 ExpI have no Idea Idea how that is possible, especially because the Total. ExperiencemyI have gained thus far from playing Deadliest warrior is 53038, So in essence my Samurai impossibly Gained approximatly 36.29% of the total expereince in a single battle.

    This Only happens with samurai, and because of it He is rank 17, One below my Viking. Sure it’s great that I got many unlocks, but it takes the fun out of leveling up, has anyone else expereinced this?

    Me as well as my brothers have experienced this, Of course we have used the samurai but not to the extent in which the records indicate.

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