Texture cubes

  • has anyone made a new texture cube successfully because i keep getting crashed. One method is Ok until I cook the map then it always crashed.

  • bump - anyone.

    TB devs did you encounter any crashing problems when doing this. It seems straight forward, any trick to it???

  • You mean the cube for the world reflection? (for water etc.)

    If yes, then I keep crashing aswell. Can’t cook the damn map without “UDKEditor.exe has stopped working” - 2 times.

  • Yep them things… every way i try one it crashes.

  • I just opened up the sdk, dropped a SceneCaptureCubeMapActor in the level, created a TextureRenderTargetCube, plugged that into the SceneCaptureCubeMapActor in the level in the ‘Texture Target’ property under Capture, rightclicked on the TextureRenderTargetCube and hit create new static texture. This rendered a cubemap just fine for me.

    Check to see if you are using DirectX 11 as your renderer in the SDK, as this may cause crashing. To change from dx11 to dx9 go to file, switch renderer.

  • Yes dx9… it renders fine… but crashes after… i will do a ckean bud check like this.

    I think it was the subsequent matrrial that uaed that cube that crashed things… hummm. Will check agaib.

  • yep - it wont cook

    TagCookedStartupObjects> Using Shipped PersistentCookerData - this must be DLC…
    Tagging 0 already handled materials
    Tagging 0 already handled material instances
    Cooking testcube
    [Jun 14, 7:03 AM] COMMANDLET ‘UDKEditor.exe CookPackages -nohomedir -platform=PC AOCTO-ct_P.udk -final_release -full -multilanguagecook=INT -ModName=AOCSDKLevels’ FAILED.

    test map attached……

    I know this is in a complex shader - but I have also tried more simpler ones too…

  • Sooo how to fix it? :l

    Frontend SDK always crashes with “UDKEditor has stopped working error” when trying to cook my package, even if I use a cubemap from other maps (IE. battlegrounds)

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  • Developer

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  • Dunno if this would clear anything up, but if I am correct, Rayeon used texture cubes in their map for reflections. Maybe you could ask them? :05.18-flustered:

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