• Look guys, if you’re actually reading this, that’s great! Support the community.:eagerness:
    The idea: I only stream Chivalry, I want Chivalry to be a much more popular game and hopefully MLG like it deserves.
    I stream the game. I’m a funny guy.
    BUT, there are two edges to this sword!

    In order to become MLG, a game has to have very complex competitive play and interest -
    and it also has to have the popularity.

    I want to showcase GOOD players. Actual COMPETITIVE CHAMPS. So that as Chivalry gains more viewers on Twitvh and on YouTube - people will see it’s competitive side and not the “Let’s Play” style I do things in where I’m entertaining but just not that fun to watch as a player.:subdued:

    I’d also love to make friends who want to be on stream, in videos, or even not involved. PM me here, or email me, or message me on twitch. Making friends is ACTUALLY what streaming is all about. Most people don’t understand that. Streamers make friends with their early audience. Their friends watch the stream before they become “famous”. It’s really all about friendship and you know it.:victorious:

  • if NA ever scrims again you should record that

  • so whats your channel?

    EDIT: nvm i’m an idiot.

  • is this EU or NA


    is this EU or NA

    Location: US East

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