Directory Related VAC Ban

  • Hi TB,

    I’ve been a long-time player and was mortified upon receiving a VAC ban from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare last night.

    I believe to have identified the cause of the penalty and in the most technical sense seems to be a false positive. It is triggered by the launching of Chivalry and related to the installation directory.

    Below is the directory structure I managed to produce a VAC ban from:

              Wolfenstein The New Order\  

    V:\Games\SteamLibrary is set as a secondary location for Steam game installations. One would expect anything installed outside of it to be unrelated to Steam.

    _Wolfenstein The New Order_ is a pirated installation and contains cracked steam_api64.dll and steam_api.ini files.

    Upon opening Chivalry: Medieval Warfare from the Launcher, the game started fine but the Launcher had frozen and not disposed of itself. Then when attempting to join a multi-player game, the “Authentication Failed” message was returned. At that point, I’d noticed a VAC ban applied to my Steam profile. The following day, the server joining message had turned into a VAC ban message.

    This is a form of poetic justice for stealing a game and I suppose I’ll come to terms with that. Please be aware that the launching of the game does inspect directories outside of the Chivalry installation and may lead to detections of a similar nature.

  • Huh. Scary. :S

  • Have heard recently of several VAC bans where the users are claiming to have definitely not used cheats (possibly more believable since some of the accounts are decade old ones with many games), so cracked steam_api’s in the same structure as steam offers a possible explanation.

    No idea if this would include cracked dll’s on other drives though

  • I recently have received a VAC BAN too. Thats why I have registered on this site and also want to share and sign what Nox010 have posted here.

    I’ve never been so sad and angry before. I have a really old account with +200 games on it and also I were participating in every single steam sale that were launched.

    I still dont know what the Vac Ban has triggered. The only thing I were using recently before I was banned, is the sweetFX Settings for a high quality experience.

    I have written to valve asking for the cause of the ban but as you all knew , valve support doesnt give you any details on it.
    The only thing they can see is , if the ban is approved or not.

    So nobody out there can help you to understand what just happend to you….
    And as it couldnt get any better they will write “you shall delete any previous hacks on your computer and stop cheating” .

    I loved this game and now I have over 3Terrabyte of unedited video recording left on one HDD.
    I have never cheated and were a nice fighter with a lot of honor and respect for other champions out there.

    Isnt there anything one could do to get help. Or isnt it possible to transfer the stats/exp/unlocks to a new account.
    It isnt possible for me to do all the hard work I have gained in this game again.

    Greetz Hoshpac

  • Well if you pirated games and stuck in in the same directory there’s your problem. You pirated games and you got punished by them not allowing you to play games you did actually pay for.

    Sweetfx doesn’t cause bans.

    Valve and evil and cruel when it comes to VAC. So don’t do anything vaguely regarded as cheating or hacking that includes pirating games.

    Getting a VAC ban also doesn’t strictly mean you are banned just from the game you are banned in. Many developers have made ways of not allowing people into online play of their game if you have a VAC ban from anywhere. Like red orchestra 2 for example. I wouldn’t recommend buying that. Many people who own chivalry are also likely to own red orchestra 2 for some reason.

  • I have never said that I pirated any game but instead I told: " I have a really old account with +200 games on it… " .

    I have bought every single game by myself!

    Greetz Hoshpac

  • Something would of triggered it.

  • I can’t say what triggered it, but the ban is showing as valid from 20 days ago.

    The VAC bans normally operate for a single game - so are you blocked from chivalry or all steam games? The latter bans tend to be for things that interfere with steam directly.

    We still have no confirmation of cracked api’s triggering bans (I’m not testing it! :P) and valve don’t discuss the specifics.

    From our perspective, we have no control over VAC bans - no access to appeal or remove them, so can’t help there. As previously mentioned sweetfx wouldn’t cause the issue as it’s quite common. I would however point out that vac staggers bans for up to 2 weeks - so it may not be something that you used just before the ban, but possibly something much much earlier.

  • Cracked version … try to check up you system if no virus or spyware are here. is just in case of, but VAC system was weird, sometimes VAC ban becose for no reason. You can try to contact valve (Steam)

  • And steam never revokes a vac ban.

    Expect when VAC decided to ban half the modern warfare 2 community for no reason until the removed VAC from the game.

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