Flickering Dynamic Shadows with CrossfireX

  • Character models constantly flicker in direct sunlight with dynamic shadows on, it kind of looks like the shadows on the models are z-fighting, (is that possible?) the only way I can fix it is by running the game in borderless windowed or disabling crossfire, which both drop my framerate considerably. I’ve been fiddling around with BaseSystemSettings.ini to no avail. I know crossfire isn’t officially supported but I was wondering if anyone has found a fix?

    Intel i5-2500k @3.30GHz
    Radeon R9 290 CrossfireX (CrossfireX because they’re both 290 but one is OC edition)
    8Gb RAM
    Corsair HX1000w
    Asus Sabertooth P67

  • Old issue, crossfire is not supported in Chiv. Disable crossfire or disable dynamic shadows, that’s all I can tell ya until Chiv devs get profiles and support made for nVidia and AMD drivers.

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