B3 crashing CDW between rounds.

  • I have a problem where the server will crash in between rounds when I have B3 enabled.

    This is what it shows in my error log:
    1077.17] Critical: appError called: Runaway loop detected (over 1000000 iterations)
    AOCRCon td-isle.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.AOCRCon_4
    Function CDW.AOCRCon:SplitLines:0001
    Script call stack:
    Function CDW.AOCRCon:ReceivedBinary
    Function CDW.AOCRCon:HandleMessage
    Function CDW.AOCRCon:HandleSayAll
    Function CDW.AOCRCon:SplitLines

    I have read other posts saying that you shouldn’t have very many B3 plugins enabled. I only have the admin and the advertising plugin enabled and it still makes it crash. Some people have gotten this working on their server so if anyone could help it is appreaciated.


  • Same issue here… Anyone?

  • I posted similar when B3 implemented rcon, same thing happens in MW too. I don’t know of any workaround (although happens more frequently with more plugins and with larger servers)

  • I also have a post on the B3 forums asking about this issue. Maybe they will figure it out. Here is a link to that post.


  • B3 support said this. “it looks like a bug on the game server side in the code that implement the rcon protocol. You should get in touch with the game developers and show them your game log”

    So here is the server log. I hope we can come up with a solution.


    Thanks for any help.

  • The game server crashes when B3 makes it display what the next map will be.
    As a workaround you can prevent B3 from displaying the next map by:

    • disabling the !nextmap command (makes the level required to use the command 100 in the admin plugin config file)
    • removing the ‘@nextmap’ advertisement message in the adv plugin config file

    I suspect the presence of question marks or ‘=’ in messages gives difficulties to the game server rcon implementation

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