[WIP] Fortification Contest - Irilla

  • I’m pretty sure he’s dead serious.

  • Haha… just that kinda guy heh

  • @MassiveChaos:

    Haha… just that kinda guy heh

    What kind of guy? I won’t tolerate these insults!


  • Please go trolling on someone elses thread now

  • No but I’m actually not trolling, I’m just a bit tipsy from all this energy drink i consumed like a true 12yo jonne. The map does look ok but imo the shadows are too plentiful in some spots and so is the torch strength, I just didn’t want to come off as pushy because clearly the winners will be announced soon and I’m not expecting you to rebuild the lighting and risk having something break. If you don’t agree with me about the lighting that is ok. But my feedback was legitimate, I didn’t use 20min of my time taking screenshots and doodling over them in PS to troll some guy in a custom map thread.

  • Haha ok… i think maybe you just exagerated too much… like pointing at the small gap in the sky and saying its full daylight, or the shadow side of a wall and sayings its in too much shadow when its not in direct sunlight and only light by the udk natural lighting with 5 bounces … I do read things very literally … most of the time !!!

    I think its a bit dark overall but pretty sure its just my pc, on my sons its brighter, as it is on crushed and elwebs. So i am hoping in all its like that onmist pcs. There is going to be a range i guess.

  • Hummm inwill look at where you say that shadow is, there should not be any big shadows with no objects, but i cant really make it out in the pic.

    The tower lights from tbat angles do look a bit bright, but they do look stunning looking back on them from the city i thing, so i am i 2 minds about that one.

    The rest i think is great, but then i would. Its what I say on days like this. Did you manage to see any of the lightening strikes… you catch them if you are lucky. We tried to capture that sharpnrss of a storm when the air gets ionised if you have ever see that, quite amazing. Realy throws the greens into contrast.

  • The big shadow when pushing the siege tower might simply be a change in texture lightness not a shadow as such, just looks odd. It’s not full daylight but I would say the sun appears somewhat bright, maybe toning it down would help to set the stormy mood. And nope haven’t caught any lightning strikes, didn’t even know the map featured those, wouldn’t hurt to make them appear more often!

    I think that my main issue with the lighting is that it’s a bit too exaggerated. Shadows say gloomy day but torches say moonless night. I have to say, what happened to the fog? It tied the visuals together in a way that made sense, imo. Was it too much of a performance strain?

  • I will look at that tower route shadow later thanks. Yeah I did the lightening ages ago and only catch it sometimes I think there are like 5 different ones with random timing starting at 20 secs from memory…

    Fog should still be there…

    I think you are a realist when it comes to these things, which is like me in our team. But working in a team these pother perspectives come in, so Crushed really tempered my realism with game play aspects, and Elweb came in with light, colour and mood aspects. Both of which are really important and I well I love the results of that combining of minds. So I am no longer looking for a completely realistic lighting scene, and we have exaggerated aspects of both colour and light to achieve what we wanted (never perfect of course and would probably continue improving etc…). Personally I think the slightly exaggerated touch light makes it look more like an official TB map. Also if you look very closely for instance you will notice the sun angle isn’t perfect for the sun angle by a long way, but its the angle we think works best for the shadows in the city streets and the effects it has as its light floods through the cathedral… I think that light angles moved something like 20 times during releases to get to this point…

  • hi guys, weird and strange contest, tbs judge and hangman and so far from community reality, the true reality is this:

    1- Belmez, Irilla
    2- Belmez, Irilla
    3- Ontheedge, Cove, Castleassault
    4- Ontheedge, Cove, Castleassault
    5- Ontheedge, Cove, Castleassault

    Your map is awesome, thank you for creating this wonderful map! always will be in the rotation of my server, I can’t say this about other winning entries…encouragement and see you on the battlefield!!!

    Best regards

  • Thanks this means so much, its such a main thing to have ppl enjoy what you have done :) thanks.

  • either way this map looks amazing on your portfolio gj m8

  • Yeah this is no small task, you guys have done something unique with the map. I haven’t played the latest version yet, but the previous version I played, I really enjoyed. The early versions I didn’t really enjoy at all (but that was more like the Alpha versions). You guys have come a long way with this and have done an amazing job, I was hoping to see this as one of the winning maps along with Belmez, shame it didn’t quite make it. But hopefully TBS come forward with the $1000 offer to put the map into the official rotation.
    The map deserves more than $1000 like some of the maps, but this is a competition I guess, and that’s how things roll, whether we like it or not.

  • irillia is like 3 maps man

  • Big map, big write up.

    General Feedback
    Objective Voting is a cool Concept
    Good World Building and Visuals.
    Clever First Objective.
    Voting Concept is great, execution needs work. Some more indication of who has voted, ways to confirm.
    Many bottlenecks(outlined in the objective breakdowns)
    Long, repetitive spiral staircase leading up to capture.
    Confusing layout, particularly the end leading up to the final objectives.
    Dead ends, a few unused side paths. Areas players run, expecting to find somthing but are met with a wall.
    Need more warning on forced forward spawns.

    **Objective 1:
    Siege Tower:
    Siege Tower run is lengthy.
    Unclear when Siege Tower was being contested.
    Could do with forwards spawn intervals.
    Unclear where to stand when pushing

    Far too open.
    Massive line of site.
    Little Cover
    Little Height variation.
    Limited Flanking options
    Only 1 path to the Gate segment.
    Stairway by gate is very campable by archers.

    Too close together. Spread them out more into unique areas (kind of like how hillside has distinct tactical elements around each trebuchet, it just makes for a different experience fighting around each.
    Ram Playspace feedback applies here.

    Objective 2:
    Unclear path options by the docks.
    Very long run to the shipments
    Need Better indication on what is/how many burnables.
    Wagons are easily mistaken for burnables(There are a bunch, and it is cloth next to cloth)
    There are a couple of estranged markets stalls that need to be burned.(Disconnected from other burnables)
    Consider more distinct grouping on the market stalls.
    Might be too many burnables, becomes very repetitive. Maybe Destroy the supplies?

    Objective 3/4:
    Capture layout was very unclear.
    End objective is confusing. (Far spawn, Rescue Malric with no indication)
    Close off the ramp leading to the previous area. Makes it very easy to take a wrong turn at albuquerque.
    Castle as a whole was very confusing to move through. Sensory overload on doors and paths. Streamline.
    Run to the King was long and bottle necky
    Otherwise solid King Objective part.

    Irilla is a great map and just missed the top 5 in voting. Would really like to see it improved upon.

  • Invisible Wall. Need something more convincing to block people from dropping off here (If intentional, the run around it was a bit tedious, but that might have been the frustration from seeing a quicker way and not being able to go there.)

  • Just played this map. The best castle based assault I’ve experienced in this game. The choice of how to attack adds a lot of variety to the map, and I really think it should be in the game yesterday.

  • @ChuckingIt:

    Just played this map. The best castle based assault I’ve experienced in this game. The choice of how to attack adds a lot of variety to the map, and I really think it should be in the game yesterday.

    should have won fortification contest tbh

  • From when we played Friday, some general notes and observations.

    -The first objective could not be completed. We had selected the Trebuchet option. No players on the server noted any odd conditions that may have caused it, just something to be aware of.

    -The final objective time was way too long. The first objectives took a moderate amount of time to complete each of them, we were still left with ~25 minutes.

    -The final objective is very defensible, they(The defenders) nearly lasted the whole 25 minutes. There is one walkway you can defend that gives a view of all the attacker options.

  • Thanks Andrew working on things now

    Can u remember on the treb not completing… did the wall get destroyed and to what stage… where did tge wall destruction progress bar get to. I assume the trebs were shooting rocks ok… Did the objective time out and agatha win?

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