[WIP] Fortification Contest - Irilla

  • Thanks Andrew working on things now

    Can u remember on the treb not completing… did the wall get destroyed and to what stage… where did tge wall destruction progress bar get to. I assume the trebs were shooting rocks ok… Did the objective time out and agatha win?

  • Thanks andrew for the feedback we will release some updates in the upcoming weeks that will fix all of the problems (hopefully all)

  • Really the best Castle assault map ive played to date. Once the few major minor bugs (however you may label them) are fixed, this needs to be in the game asap. As chuck said lmao. needs to be in the game yesterday.

  • Change notes for the recent upload

    • DONE - increase agatha min spawn times…

    • DONE - siege tower needs the forward spawn earlier - Now 5 seconds of travel earlier.

    • DONE -The final objective is very defensible, they(The defenders) nearly lasted the whole 25 minutes Less defensible.

    • DONE -There is one walkway you can defend that gives a view of all the attacker options. re- routed

    • DONE -Dock Spawn Invisible Wall. Need something more convincing to block people from dropping off here - DONE

    • DONE -Need more warning on forced forward spawns. - DONE - If I get what this meant!!!

    • DONE -Siege Tower run is lengthy. - DONE - switched to fishing hut spawn sooner now

    • DONE - -The final objective time was way too long. The first objectives took a moderate amount of time to complete each of them, we were still left with ~25 minutes.
      Made some initial stages a bit harder… Whole was 35 mins so you must have motored those 1st ones, reduced to 34 mins and rebalanced stage bonuses

    Objective 2:

    • NEED DETAIL - Unclear path options by the docks. - what does this mean please, need more detail. You run forwards, you get to docks…
    • NO CHANGE - Very long run to the shipments - shorter than most maps though, so I’m not Channing that…
    • MAYBE! - Need Better indication on what is/how many burnables. - tried to fix scoreboard again, if only 2 left then they start to glow
    • DONE - Wagons are easily mistaken for burnables(There are a bunch, and it is cloth next to cloth) - replaced cloth wagopns
    • DONE - There are a couple of estranged markets stalls that need to be burned. - 2 market stalls removed
    • MAYBE! - Consider more distinct grouping on the market stalls. - see if better now???
    • DONE - Might be too many burnables, becomes very repetitive. Maybe Destroy the supplies? - 2 market stalls removed

    Objective 3/4:

    • DONE -Capture layout was very unclear. - DONE - Not sure what this was for really, but redo flag Capture, less bottleneck
    • DONE -End objective is confusing. (Far spawn, Rescue Malric with no indication) - DONE - simpler routes, less routes, moved agatha spawn
      Close off the ramp leading to the previous area. - NOT DONE but spawn moved so wrong turn is much harder,need access from previous areas so cant really close off
    • DONE -Castle as a whole was very confusing to move through. Sensory overload on doors and paths. Streamline. - DONE - simpler routes, less routes, moved agatha spawn
    • DONE -Run to the King was long and bottle necky PARTIAL DONE - tried to reduce bottlenecks, run is std length i am sure

  • Another little update uploaded… added another minor side path to malric platform to open up any agathiam defensive position a bit… also given masons an overshoot positiom on that area… This should help reduce the “all defend malric” strategy… though when i played this hasnt been that effective … amyway whole effect should be last objective is less defensible

  • new upload going up now…

    Some more remodelling and glitch fixes to the final 2 objectives. Alternative flag capture root as new access to flag… Balcony in hall is now a minstrel gallery, wider and easier to fight on. Door at end of hall is a lot wider, with easier access to the roof.

    plus these…

    DONE - treb rock explosions not happening = test
    DONE : Voting Concept is great, execution needs work. Some more indication of who has voted, ways to confirm. : display of vote stats plus bots now vote - cos it was annoying me

    DONE - Siege Tower run is lengthy. : about 1000 units knocked of run distance and forward spawn at fishing hut activates sooner. but guys, the run length was about standard for official maps - are you SURE you want it shorter!??!?!
    DONE : Unclear when Siege Tower was being contested. : to test - sound cue when tower stops now, contested sound added.
    DONE : elwebbaro: "marketplace needs less burnables to complete, like 70% of all stalls or something

    and any more insights on the following comments from the competition feedback ?

    TB Question : “Could do with forwards spawn intervals”. : Not sure what this means, maybe remedied by lengthy run fix
    TB Question : “Unclear where to stand when pushing” : Seriously guys, which pushable does make it clear, how is what we have done here not the same as every other pushable in the game, am i missing something??? More detail please?

  • Several update over the last few days….

    More collision optimisation (another half a day on this, should be getting good fps improvements)
    Dungeon remade for better game play and less cluttered environment
    SPectator stands added to final malric platform, together with additional attackers roof access, for better tactical environment.
    Market stall changes - you now only have to destroy 9 of the 11 stalls (previous change reduced 13 stalls to 11)
    added tourch sounds
    minor cosmetic adjustments all overload
    collision and path smoothing
    fixed block door on final cathedral level
    collision optimisation
    final agatha spawn grass area refined
    Optimisation - area mesh controls improved

  • TB Question : “Could do with forwards spawn intervals”. : Not sure what this means, maybe remedied by lengthy run fix

    Multiple forward spawns. Lengthy run fix would likely resolve it as well.

    TB Question : “Unclear where to stand when pushing” : Seriously guys, which pushable does make it clear, how is what we have done here not the same as every other pushable in the game, am i missing something??? More detail please?

    I think this is for the siege tower. There are things we could have done better in our maps as well, doesn’t make it less valid. The siege tower in particular is tricky. Adding some kind of visual tool (A wheel in the center of where they need to stand that moves?) would go a long way.

    Other pushable objectives it is less noticeable, as a human could feasibly push them from behind.

  • perhaps a marker attached to the siege tower right over the trigger volume would work?

  • See how it plays.with what the sound cues that i added… does that work ??? If not shall explore further…

  • Just a bug report for now. Last test went very well.

    Ram sounds went crazy after smashing through the door. It sounded like dominoes falling for 15 seconds.

  • That’s already fixed for the next build. :)

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