Server Qualities - What do people prefer in TO? (Few questions!)

  • Hi,
    A few of us have pitched together and started opening some servers, FFA Duels, TO etc,
    However, I’m wondering what the people prefer in a TO server - so I can match the audience I’m aiming for.
    Currently the server is doing great, but I’ve got a few questions.

    1. Our team damage is at 100% - do you prefer this as it requires you to be more precise, or would you prefer a lower percentage?
    2. The server is 1P only - I personally find 3P a huge advantage in TO situations - would you prefer 1P + 3P?
    3. Custom Maps - Would you join a server with custom maps? I’m looking to add the 1st round winners. But personally I feel the different coloured name draws people away.
    4. Map Rotation - is there any map you wont join, or would leave if it came to that map? What is it and why?
    5. Archer Limits - are these viable? Would you leave a 24 slot server if it only allowed 2 archers per team?
    6. Rank Limits - Do you look for rank limits when joining a server? If so - what do you feel is a good rank limit and why?
    7. Finally, what personally draws you into a TO server? the amount of players? the map rotation? because you had a great experience on that server?

    Hopefully I can get a few positive answers back so I can improve upcoming and existing servers!
    Thanks in advance

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