[DW] I am able to launch and play Deadliest Warrior despite not having bought the DLC

  • Okay, so I own Chivalry MW and during the free weekend last week I played Deadliest Warrior. Yesterday I decided to try launching Deadliest Warrior just to see what would happen, despite the fact that I never bought the DLC. And to my surprise the Deadliest Warrior launched as if I owned the game and I was able to join a server and play a full round.

    I have discussed this with others and apparently I am not the only one who is able to do this. There is apparently some sort of bug allowing us to play. Also I noticed the news banner at the bottom of the Main Menu in Deadliest Warrior still proclaims that it is a free weekend.

    According to the properties tab on Steam I don’t own any DLC for Chivalry, so I know I didn’t buy the game accidentally or anything like that.

    I thought that Torn Banner should be made aware of this issue. Many people are trying to hide this bug so they can go on playing the game without having bought it, so I thought Torn Banner might want to know what’s going on so they can fix it.

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