Seperate Server Hosting and Mapping Design info Threads

  • I think there should be a separate thread in the in the support section for server hosting issues, instructions, mods, admin plugins and the like. This would be really helpful in the transition from HL2 file structure and sourcemod to the Unreal engine and it’s equivalent in plugins. I have been running an AOC server for years and I really like being able to add all kinds of fun features to the server to make it unique. I have not run a Unreal server and would like others like me to have a place to exchange ideas and help each other with installation, set up and running a server. I think this was lacking in AOC where server support was very limited and knowledge was sparse and not shared like in other communities.

    I feel the same with Mapping and level design and having its own thread. What will make this community really thrive, are those, like me, that enjoy creating and manipulating levels and the more resources we have and that are easily accessible the more custom maps and new objectives can be created. For example; I know you officially cannot make a Helms Deep map due to copy rite issues but that doesn’t mean that a fan cannot create a free map. Many, like me would like to bring over and update some of the maps from AOC and of course create lots of new maps.

    The more that the devs are willing to assist, release files, instructions and the like, the more players might be inclined to get into mapping and level design.

    I hope that you will consider these two requests

  • Developer

    We have a forum for server operators as well as a custom content forum.

  • Sweet, I guess I missed those, under those titles.

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