Two people with no names tking and vote kicking on your central 32 player server

  • You still haven’t fixed this glitch??? They can’t be kicked.

  • @pewpew:

    You still haven’t fixed this glitch??? They can’t be kicked.

    Votekick from console.

  • If you don’t know how to kick them there a steam guide how to fix this.

  • open console with the key right to the left from 1 and above tab
    Type “votekick”
    A list of names pops up with numbers, look for a number without a name or several squares
    type “confirm X” where X is the number they had in that list
    The vote has started, don’t forget to state a reason in chat.

  • @Karasu:

    Votekick from console.

    Black magic

  • Thanx I appreciate it

  • SWIM is the one who told those two jokers how to do it lol,

    Its easy since chivs scoreboard kick voting sorts for the first two letters in a name when you votekick from the scoreboard, for example…

    you want to kick someone named “Me”
    you click votekick on the scoreboard and…
    the game scans through whoever joined first with “me” in their name
    A person who joined before “Me” named Messeruser" is found since he has sseruser in his name,
    it then initiates a votekick.

    This will only work if someone else with the matching two letter combo in their steam name is in the lobby BEFORE the two letter person joined AND that they two letters are in their name.

    The only reason SWIM started telling people about it is because, wait for it…

    I reported this to TBS back in december 2012 and never heard back -_-

  • I just looked for their steam profile and reported them for hacking instead. I had to disable console because tilde bound to 3 keys instead of just tilde for absolutely no reason. I was tired of middlemousebutton opening my console in the middle of fights….

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