Archer Sway

  • Been playing Archer some, and come to the conclusion that there is no sway at the end of an arrow being drawn. Also, no grunt upon drawing a arrow or breathing sounds when the arrow is drawn. As far as the sway, not to drastic, just like the last 5 seconds or so of the arrow being drawn. A breathing sound would help you know when that sway time is coming on the other hand.

    Was gonna add crossbows to this, but their reload time is hindering it. If anything they should not be able to stay proped for infinite time.

  • no one likes the sway idea uh? :) its cool, was just that, an idea.

    my guess is people never tried to shoot a real bow before, im interested in the sound you make when pulling an arrow into place, and the breathing/swaying after 20-25 seconds.

  • I actually do like this. It adds both realism and balance. 5 seconds sounds like a pretty good time to get a shot off, but 10 seconds wouldn’t be bad either just to stop people properly camping at all.

    On the realism side, holding your breath as an archer certainly is part of having good accuracy, much like someone using a rifle these days.

  • Crossbows don’t take any significant power to hold them. A 10 year old boy could carry one around all day.

    I agree with Bows, though.

  • agreed

  • What I mean by the sway is, for example, the time you can hold an arrow drawn before it un draws. The last 5 seconds of that is when a sway should start to occur.

  • I agree. I think the archery should have sway and nice sound effects like pulling the bow back you would hear creaking of the wood and rope. Letting go of the bow should sound really satisfying. Maybe more like Mount and Blade. The accuracy would go down the longer you have the bow drawn.

    For crossbows, just have a sway while aiming I guess.

    One thing, I’m not sure I like is the whizzing effect of the arrows. I would much more prefer seeing the arrow fly through the air. That is if it’s possible in the unreal engine. Also the whizzing and hit noises of the arrow could be louder and more scary. hehe.

    Everything else is amazing. I love this game.

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