MOD IDEA: Dungeon crawler

  • Hello all.

    I have an idea for a mod that I’d really like to make, but before I start investing time into learning the tools I’d really appreciate it if some experienced modders could verify the plausibility, and whether the tools/engine could accomplish what I want. I’m a software engineer by trade, so although I don’t know how to make mods at the moment, I could and would acquire the skills, if my mod idea is doable.


    I love dungeon crawlers like Diablo and Path of Exile. I want to make a Diablo clone mod using the chivalry engine. Rather than just point and click and abilities, I think a game like this using the real time swing system would be amazing. Please could someone comment on the viability of the following features using the chiv SKD.

    1. Random indoor environment creation, random loot, random mobs, random elites etc.
    2. Loot system (just like diablo).
    3. RPG inventory system and character progression.
    4. High top down view. Like the current 3rd person system but further out.
    5. AI improvements. Intelligent blocking and dodging, scaled to enemy level.
    6. Persistence. Not losing your character and game progress after logging out.
    7. Abilities. Not like DIII super nephalem carnage abilities, but maybe a fireball or two, cleave, flurry, etc. Also weapon effects like chill, etc.
    8. Crowd control abilities like taunt, etc.

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • Sounds plausible but you would most certainly need to use UnrealScript which can be tricky to learn.

    You may have to code your own bots from scratch though, I’m not sure you can change the TBS bots.

  • That would be an immense project. I don’t think it is do-able for one person.

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