[WIP] Fortification Contest: Jamuday City: TO

  • Hello. I’m Eugene. I am the author of these maps, as “Game of Thrones - Chivalry” and “Jamuday City”.
    Today we talk about Jamuday. In its time, this map shows many interesting and potential. So I decided to improve it. Was produced tremendous work with graphics, kismet, the design in order to make a real Jamuday City Team Objectives map. And I got it. I am pleased to present to you Jamuday City: TO.

    Welcome back to the Jamuday City.


    So. What is Jamuday City:

    • Setting. Gloomy, dark and horrible fantasy. Dark night, dark shadows. Rain, dampness, fear. Forget about child chivalry. Welcome to the cruel world Jamuday, which is not forgiving to its visitors. You’ll die a lot of times.
    • Enemies. Yes. To help the two main factions come undead. You will meet the fallen Masons and the Knights of the Damned Agatha. Encounter with the boss, you can not kill without the help of the team. You will be able to assume the role of high-level dead soldiers of your faction.
    • Interactive. In Jamuday City you come up with ships, elevators, doors and other mechanisms. Just the level of scattered interactive signature, so that you can better understand the world Jamuday.

    Game for single and group style of passing. Due to the passage of NPC quests will be interesting even with the participation of one player. Of course, the more players, the more interesting.

    • The main quest consists of six stages.
    • Masons are attacking team.

    I represent the release of a new page in the history Jamuday City.
    Jamuday City: Team Objective.

    Work lasted for a long time. At the moment, there may be bugs. First of all, I want to tell you about changes in the project.


    1. Locations. World increased tenfold. Ports, ships, islands, fort, fortress, watchtowers and more.

    2. Interactive. New doors, lifts, boats, traps, bridges, and other tips.

    3. Fractions. Welcome to the Dark Ages. Masons fighting the dead army Agatha. Play as the walking dead or special Masonic soldiers. And remember the NPC, which will both help you and hinder.

    4. The Team Objective. New full quest consists of six stages. Grab city - kill the captains, defeat the bosses burn the knowledge Jamuday, call it a curse and destroy it. Or protect the city from attack. The choice is yours.

    5. New visual effects, DOF, Blur and others. Fog, sounds, lighting.
    Unforgettable style Jamuday City returns in a new graphic design.

    6. Patch nodes, dynamic spawn points and more

    Map has bugs. I’m working on this.

    Level name - AOCTO-jamuday

    As always I look forward to criticism and suggestions. Stay tuned for updates. Server for the test will be launched soon.

    If you want to explore the map - open the console and type - open AOCTO-jamuday. Choose the Masons for a single game.

    Thanks for waiting!


    Maps included:

  • Wait so this is a regular TO map? I am kind of confused by this post. It feels like a movie. lol.

    Maybe outline the different objectives and provide some more pictures. (also put the images directly into the post if you can so I don’t have to click them)

  • Sort’ve looks like this thread… Broke.

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