Authentication failed every time.

  • I’ve been trying to join servers for about two days straight now and every time I try, no matter what server I choose, I get a message telling me my authentication has failed. I’ve tried various fixes found on the forums from years before (delete certain folders, verify cache, restart steam, uninstall/reinstall) but none of it seems to work. My steam account is in good standing with VAC so it’s not a ban. I’m kind of at my wits end here, which sucks because I just got in to this game and I really enjoy it (one of my buddies just started playing it with me and he has the same problems as I do with authentication). Neither of us are hackers. Please help? Anyone else having issues? It seemed to have started happening after a mini-patch on Memorial Day (if there was one, I didn’t notice it but my friend said he DL’d one).

  • This also happens to me. I can’t join any deadliest warrior games anymore since that same patch. (yet medieval warfare games still authenticate and I can still join those)
    How can this be fixed?

  • So, and I feel like an idiot here, I found out that the weekend I played on, was a free weekend for DW (Memorial day weekend). I had already bought Chivalry:MW and figured that I had been given DW for being a cool guy or something. They are separate purchases entirely. I bought DW yesterday and played for a few hours, problem solved.

  • This is happening to me too and I really hope Torn Banner gets their heads straight and fix this!!!

  • One possible problem could be that you don’t actually own the game, if i login with one of my accounts that has CMW but not CDW then i get this error when trying to join CDW games

    Recently there was a free weekend and you could have been playing during that time
    I read a thread somewhere that people who bought CMW also got CDW free by mistake… and that could have been fixed

  • Bingo. If you didn’t actually purchase the game this is why you get this issue.

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