Arabian skins (armor, helmet)

  • Yea, TB added barbarian skins for Agathians and Masons. But I would be very glad to see Arabian skins in the game. I very like arabian warriors. They look so beautiful. Do you like them too? If so, why wouldn’t Torn Banner add some Arabian skins?

    We have Tenosia or something similar and it looks like our Arabia IRL. Masons would have also some Arabian skins.

    Archer would look like this:

    Or this:

    Knight’s and Vanguard’s armour:

    There would be a few types of helmets: helmet with the face protecting mail/plate, open helmet, with a plume or without a plume. Archer and MAA would have turbans in a customizable colour.

    And how would the MAA look like?

  • Yea, TB added barbarian skinds for Agathians and Masons. And I would be very mad to see Arabian skins in the game. I don’t like Arabian warriors. They look so vile. Do you find them vile too? If so, why would Torn Banner add some Arabian skins?

  • I think they would look awesome and they would fit perfectly with the map I am making.

  • Would be cool to actually see the Tenosian faction! Though I wouldn’t like to see Torn Banner release them as buyable skins/models like with the barbarians. I would rather buy like an expansion of Chivalry (not like fucking Deadliest Warriors, that expansion could be standalone game as detached from Chivalry as that is) where we see the actual crusade of Agatha and Mason in Tenosian lands.

    Although this guy mostly draws female warriors, as part of an anachronism series, he makes pretty nice representations of historical armours though:


    (Wo)Man-at-Arms to the right (although she’s got a bow too):

    This one’s more of a Knight or Vanguard (who also has a bow):

    Indian soldier:

    Big axes, ooh yeah:


    This woman is prepared for a lot:

    Wouldn’t an army like this be pretty cool in Chivalry?

    Edit: Yeah, I don’t think the Tenosian faction have to necessarily be inspired by Arabia only. As the images above show, there’s a bit of this a bit of that, from Persia to India as well. Just like how Agatha look like south-western europe (Britain, France, Italy) while Mason look like north-eastern europe (Scandinavia, Russia, some Balkan) and the Elite Knight helmets looks German/Holy Roman Empire.

  • Oh my It would be awesome and fun to have an army like that! That looks pretty cool in chivalry.

  • I agree it would be cool to have a third faction in Chivalry. But most of the warriors in that pictures are not Arabic. I see a japanese Samurai, Chinese/Koreans, Persians, Mongols and Ottomans there. I better do not ask if you have the permission of the painter to post them here…
    1. Picture is fantasy
    2. Picture are Ottomans not Arabs
    3. Picture is fantasy
    4. Fantasy woman vs. Samurai
    5. Mongol/Russian mixture
    6. the “indian” could be ok
    7. saracens/Ottomans vs Mongol/Chines/Koreans
    8. Sassanids/Persians
    9. Woman with fantasy mask

    If you want some authentic Pictures better buy some accurate history books. The Osprey-Series has some decent pictures.
    Like that

  • Wooow I would like to have arabians in game too

    Offical map Ruins and in custom content there are more and more desert maps so Arabians are welcomed!

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