Wrong GameType ingame (works in UDK)

  • Hi everyone !
    After a little search, I found nothing…

    I got a weird case with my TO map.

    In UDK, when I test with a bots, the TO launch properly.

    In Chivalry, when I launch the map (after cook, upload on workshop and my serv) on my server, a FFA match aumaticaly start…

    The World Properties seems to be ok (TO, Entry, TO).

    I’m on SimRai serv, but I don’t think thats the point.

    Someone had this odd error before me ?

  • Any idea ?

  • Did you name your map correctly? You have to use the gamemode prefix (AOCTO).

  • Can you open it in objective mode without a server?

    Possible fixes:
    1. You are cooking it with the wrong save.
    I have a working copy where I do my changes, then when they are ready I push them to my testing copy to test, then when that is working I push them to my released copy. Make sure you are cooking the right save file or it won’t work.

    2. Some weird server issue? Try running your map without using a server. Go to console and type “open map_name”
    This is what I do for quick testing.

  • Thanks for the answer guys !

    It’s a server issue, it’s working on local.

    I hope Simrai will fix this.

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