Feedback from a casual player

  • This is my first time on the forums, and I just wanted to leave a little feedback.

    I got Chivalry a while back and had some fun with it. Didn’t touch it for 6 months. I’ve been playing again for the past few days and have been having a blast until I hit level 16. Here’s how I like to play: All I really like is Team Deathmatch. 16 v 16 just going at it. This isn’t a game I play all the time. I’m not a serious player, I’m not interested in joining a clan or playing competitively, I’m not looking to improve my skill, and I really couldn’t care less about unlocking the rest of the weapons…I just want to jump in to a TD server and have some fun once in a while. But now that I can’t play in the low rank servers anymore, there’s barely any TD servers to play in, and the very few that are available aren’t very full or only have 24 players, which really just isn’t as fun to me as 32. Then even when I can find a good server, after a few rounds it rotates to FFA or TO, neither of which I really care for all that much.

    I have no idea what to suggest regarding what changes to make to the game to make it more fun for me, but I just wanted to give some feedback on how I like to play the game and what is fun for me.

  • There are some servers that are just Team Deathmatch. I suggest finding them and adding them to your favourites. Do give TO another go though, it can be a lot of fun, I originally preferred TD when I started but now it’s TO that’s most fun for me.

    Anyways, I agree, and most people here do, that we need less low rank servers, so that normal servers are more populated.

  • You might like TO a lot if you try it like Gndo said. It’s similar pace as TD with some more strategy to it.

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