Authentication failed every time. (2nd attempt at creating this thread)

  • I tried to create this thread a couple days ago and it never popped up so I’m trying again.

    Me and my friend are having trouble playing this game period. Every time we try to join any server we are shunted out with the message “Authentication failed” then DC’d. We are both in good standing with VAC, have both tried multiple fixes for this apparent bug from previous years/patches, and are kind of at our wits end here. We both played for like 7 hours straight when we first picked up this game over the Memorial Day weekend, and the next day this message cock blocked us.

    Any ideas on how to get around this, gents? Or perhaps someone from Torn Banner can shed some light as to why I can’t join ANY games?

  • Easy fix.

    Buy the game.

  • You got it at free weekend. That’s why it’s called Free Weekend. You can play the game for Free, during the Weekend.
    After those days have passed Chivalry can no longer be played for free and needs to be purchased if you want to continue playing.

    That’s how it works with every game on Steam that has free weekends.

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